Antique Reclaimed Cobblestones

Some came from Europe as ship's ballast; others were quarried locally. Then they were incorporated into the streets of some of our most historic cities, 150 to 200 years ago. Now they're ready to build your own Old World driveway... Read more

Antique European Blend Cobblestones Request Quote

A special blend of granite cobblestones selected for their amazing color range from mottled purple to grey. Enjoy the practically indestructible hardness of granite along with the variegated look of a quaint Colonial street.

Antique Lake Street Cobblestone Request Quote

The remarkably consistent, true grey color with black specks is ideal for juxtaposing with modern sidewalks and roadways, yet these granite cobblestones retain the uniqueness and charm of their original historic setting.

Old English Cobblestones Request Quote

Mellow tones of plum, brown and tan are reminiscent of a picturesque village in the Cotswolds...but this uniquely beautiful Medina sandstone was actually quarried here in America. It was a popular choice for buildings and towns in western New York and eastern Ohio dating back to the early 1800s.

Antique Salt and Pepper Cobblestone Request Quote

This striking, yet classic look is achieved by using white granite with black speckles. When they're installed the overall effect is light neutral grey, a perfect backdrop to strongly colored buildings or landscaping.

Antique Bluestone Cobble Request Quote

These rare and unusual blue/grey stones were reclaimed from Pennsylvania streets dating back to the days of the founding fathers. Generations of horse, wheel and foot traffic have worn the tops smooth and comfortable for today's users.

Antique Pink Cobblestone Request Quote

One-of-a-kind pink quartzite cobblestones offer reddish tones as a warm alternative to granite, along with outstanding durability. The only sign of their 150+ years in the street is slightly polished upper surfaces from contact abrasion.

These historic cobblestones are sold by the square foot and can be Shipped Nationwide.

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