Clinker Brick

A clinker brick is one which was discarded because it was discolored or distorted. In the 1920s, leaders of the Arts and Crafts design movement rediscovered its possibilities for creative and dramatic architectural detailing.

Their eccentric, irregular shapes and colors appealed to the Arts and Crafts aesthetic which was rebelling against the takeover of soulless, machine-made uniformity. The name "clinker" comes from the sound they make when banged together, being heavier than regular bricks. We will be delighted to help you with custom matching for your Craftsman house restoration or new build, and ship nationwide direct to your jobsite.

Old Pasadena Clinkers

This collection offers clinkers in the red color family, some with black marks from overheating. Their distorted and twisted shapes invite show-stopping, freeform installations that will set your property apart from all others. Clinker "clumps" are also available to coordinate with the individual bricks.

Tudor Clinkers

Browns, earth tones and black burn marks characterize the Tudor collection of clinker bricks, giving them an understated dignity despite their uneven shapes and sizes. A great choice to blend with existing wood or stonework and landscaping.

Extreme Radical Clinkers

For the truly individualistic and adventurous designer or homeowner, we have hand selected the most twisted and gnarled clinkers in our stock. With this special blend, the creative possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Old Tuscany Clinkers

Capture the rustic look of a centuries-old Italian farmhouse with this wide assortment of shapes, sizes and colors, all mixed randomly together. The resultant collage of oranges, pinks, reds and purples accented white mortar stains is artful, casual clinker style at its best.