Brick Designs

Outdoor kitchens are often beautiful additions to an already manicured backyard experience. With these outdoor brick kitchen designs, pools and even a single grill is a great excuse to have dinner outside and enjoy the warm summer breeze all evening. Whether you’re hosting family dinners or wild neighborhood cookouts, when your backyard has restaurant capabilities, no one will want to leave.

For a warm, intimate, and enduring outdoor kitchen solution, building your equipment out of reclaimed bricks is a beautiful solution. A single portable grill is pleasant, but often lacks the space and versatility of a built-in grill, and once you get started why not keep bricking until you have a fireplace, hearth, and oven? With historical reclaimed brick, you could soon have an indestructible and surprisingly luxurious outdoor kitchen. Start brainstorming with these patio kitchen ideas.

Brick Designs

All-In-One Brick Fireplace

With the wonders of modern masonry techniques and timeless reclaimed bricks, you can have a historic outdoor kitchen centered around a large stone fireplace. On top of being a great source of heat and entertainment, you can build the entire rest of your outdoor kitchen with the same brick, making one continuous piece of outdoor cooking luxury. From the center, you can have counters, a built-in grill, protected spaces for a wood pile, and even a discreet mini-fridge to complete kitchen convenience without worrying about unsheltered appliances. You can even do a little plumbing and build yourself beautiful stone sink.

Brick Pizza Oven

Make pizzas and classically baked breads outside during your cookouts and pool parties! When you build your brick fireplace, install a pizza oven slot above the main fire compartment to get that historically delicious brick-oven baked flavor. Dazzle friends with your classic wooden paddle skills as you serve them pizza made the old fashioned way. Making pizzas outside is so much fun you’ll soon find yourself experimenting with new recipes. From a meaty pepperoni and sausage to healthy pesto and tomato, basically anything you can put on a pizza crust and enjoy hot and toasty can be enjoyed in your outdoor kitchen with a built-in brick pizza oven. Like to throw large outdoor dinner parties? Install two or three pizza ovens!

Naturally Heated Patio Tiles

Heated floors are a luxury enjoyed by Romans, but surprisingly unused in our own time. On cool nights or after an evening swim the sheer delight of gently warm tiles under your bare feet is enough to lure you back into your outdoor kitchen to stoke up the fire and make another experimental pizza in the lovely night air. Using the same technology as the Romans to keep the floors of noble houses warm, you can create a layer of air beneath the tile of your patio. Now all you have to do is vent hot air from the fireplace down under the patio tiles and install a fan to spread it into the greater under-patio area. What has just been created is a forced-air floor heating system, only the heat is generated by the fireplace instead of an electric heater. If you’re nervous about the natural method but still want the nice heated tiles, you can always go for the radiant heat system which is a network of tubes channeling hot water directly under the floor.

When you build your own outdoor kitchen, there are dozens if not hundreds of personal details you can choose to create. From cool stone wine racks to warm brick ovens, what matters is that you’re happy with your kitchen and it becomes one of your favorite places to cook. With some kind of roof or sturdy awning, you can even have rainy-day cookouts and enjoy grilled hot dogs and fresh lemonade while filling your nose with the heady aroma of rain and baking bread. The next time you find yourself wishing you had ancient outdoor fireplace and oven in your backyard, remember that you can make one! With the help reclaimed bricks, you could soon be warming your hands and hamburgers over a timeless brick kitchen. For more information on historical bricks, contact us today to start your project or speak with one of our brick reclamation experts.

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