Reclaimed brick

Reclaimed bricks are a great and cost-efficient way to add beauty to your favorite space.  Here are 5 fun weekend project ideas to get you well on your way to a more beautiful home with plenty of personality to boot…

Faux Hearth and Chalkboard Fireplace

Not all homes are equipped for a real, working fireplace, but that does not mean that you cannot enjoy the look of a roaring fire in your home. Today, many families living in apartments are turning to chalkboard paint to add a whimsical touch to their flats.

Start out by using painter’s tape to section off a square of wall where you would like to make a statement. Stir paint well before brushing on chalkboard paint to the sectioned off area. After applying the first coat of chalkboard paint, allow the paint to cure for 24 hours before applying the second coat.

This will make chalk easier to wipe off later on and help to prevent any coloring from becoming permanent. Once dry, doodle on whimsical logs and flames using chalkboard markers. Lastly, use reclaimed bricks and mortar to create a faux hearth and mantle to complete the look.

While this creation won’t keep you warm at night, it will inspire plenty of “around the fire” moments with your favorite people.

Decorative Exposed Brick Wall

Exposed brick is a trendy way to give your home an industrial vibe without having to relocate to a warehouse flat. If your space does not have a brick underlying wall, you can use reclaimed bricks to create an authentic-looking exposed brick wall. Consider using this idea to create a statement wall to dress up a dated room or to showcase a small bookshelf by the breakfast table.  While this project require a little time and thought, it is one of the most impactful projects on our list and well worth the extra efforts.

Garden Pathways

Add a serene pathway to your garden with reclaimed bricks and a little extra time. Swirl a few bricks around your poises for a whimsical walkway or lay a pathway by a park bench to create a reflection area for meditation or prayer. For safety reasons, you may want to dig the depth of your bricks into the soil to create a steadier walkway – especially if you have children.

Don’t forget… be creative!

Dream up patterns and shapes that will add imagination to your old brick projects! You can even ask your children to paint designs on to the bricks to make the project even more personal. 

Bookish Bookends

Reclaimed bricks make great bookends for holding up your favorite reads on your nightstand. To add a little something extra to this idea, consider painting the bricks to resemble books themselves. Use classic covers to mimic the look of favorites such as Tom SawyerMacbeth and War and Peace. While it takes a little extra time, the extra steps really pay off and create statement pieces that will always get compliments!

Economical Flowerbeds

If you have a green-thumbed somebody in your family, reclaimed bricks can make for a beautiful, organic-looking flowerbed. Unless you are building on a slope, you do not even really need mortar for your project. Simply stack each brick in a pattern to prevent them from falling. As with the other projects on our list, you can paint each brick to create even more impact.

Reclaimed bricks can be used in many different ways to add beauty to your home, property or office. When you use your imagination, and add a little elbow grease too, you will come away with old brick projects that you can be proud of.

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