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Reclaimed brick is a fantastic option for a multitude of outdoor DIY brick projects–pathways, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces–those projects are fun and add a ton of beauty to your landscape. In addition to these common uses for reclaimed brick, there are some very unique DIY craft projects for the yard and garden that will add charming, uncommon little details to your home. Keep reading to find some cool reclaimed brick projects to set your home apart from the rest:

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Garden Markers – Herb gardens are all the rage. Not only do they provide fresh, incredibly tasty seasonings for delicious homemade meals, they are also very pleasing to the eye. Spice up your herb garden with DIY brick garden markers. These decorative herb garden markers are super simple to create–all you’ll need are your bricks and a sharpie. Simply write the name of a herb on each brick and stack them around your garden. Not very artistic or have horrendous handwriting? No problem–use stencils to help you craft perfectly designed letters.

Natural Pond – This stunning DIY project is surprisingly simple. Start with a galvanized steel tub and build your reclaimed bricks around it to create an incredible pond in your own yard. Fill it with aquatic plants and you’ll have a stunning centerpiece for your landscape. Or use smaller tubs as accents throughout your gardens.

Brick Books – Those of us who happen to be bookworms know there is no better place to curl up with a great book than outside, surrounded by nature. Whether you already have a favorite reading nook in your yard, or you just enjoy whimsical garden decor, this brick books DIY project is perfect. You’ll just need some bricks in different sizes and paint. If you’re not comfortable hand-painting your lettering, use some tracing paper and print your titles out from the computer beforehand.

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Colorful Yard Art – If you have kiddos at home, this is a fantastic family project. Get everyone in on the fun with DIY yard art–you just need your bricks, lots of colorful paint, and a great imagination. Let the kids paint the bricks and arrange them in fun patterns or shapes and give your gardens an explosion of color. If you’re going for a more subtle look, choose paint colors that compliment your home and add the names of your family members or some of your favorite motivational quotes.

Herb Spiral – If you have a small yard or you are looking for a smaller DIY project for a section of your yard, the herb spiral is a great option. Reclaimed bricks can be used to create a stunning spiral that is perfect for growing herbs. If you’re not a fan of growing your own herbs and you’d prefer something more decorative, you can use this spiral as a bed for pretty flowers with shallow roots.

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Flower Bed Edging – This DIY project requires time and patience, but if you have a lot of reclaimed brick on hand, it’s not very expensive. Brick edging is a great way to separate your flower beds from your lawn. Not only does it prevent grass from creeping into your flowers and mulch migrating into your lawn, it really makes your flower beds pop.

Reclaimed bricks have many uses outside of the standard paths and fireplaces. These outdoor DIY brick projects will add personality and charm to your landscape, and they are fun to make as well. Please feel free to contact us to learn about more exciting reclaimed brick projects to spruce up your home.

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