You don’t have to unearth an old brick wall in your home or office to establish that distinctive look. With antique brick veneer for home, you can add the same look to a wall or floor no matter what type of construction you have.

The real brick wall veneer is sliced from genuine vintage bricks salvaged from demolition sites. The bricks are sliced into 1/2 inch thick tiles that make a durable finish either inside or outside. Gavin Historical Bricks offers two styles of veneer – Old Chicago Brick Veneer and Antique Warehouse Brick Veneer.

The Old Chicago Brick Veneer maintains the distinctive style of the Old Chicago depot bricks with their buff to pink colors. The Antique Warehouse Brick Veneer features the oversized, 19th century bricks rescued from demolition sites around the Midwest. They include a wide variety of shades ranging from dark red/purple to orange.

Advantages of Veneer

Because of their thinness, brick veneers can be treated like regular tiles and can be laid into any existing construction. They weigh considerably less than full-sized bricks, so they can easily be added to an existing wall or subfloor surface without needing reinforcement to handle the additional weight.

Indoor brick veneer wall installation also is easier and can be handled by any experienced tiler, rather than having to hire a mason. Veneer can be mounted on a wall like tile, then the masonry can be added to give the look of brick, much as you add grout to finish off tile. In a traditional brick wall, the masonry is in important structural element, so it’s best left to a professional to install to protect the integrity of a wall.

Best of all, brick veneer is a fraction of the cost of regular brick. Plus, with the savings on installation, you can have an affordable antique brick wall that will impress your friends and business associates.

Brick Veneer Ideas

Because the veneer is cut from actual antique bricks that have been fired and tested to stand through time, the veneer can be used indoors or outdoors. First, we’ll offer some brick veneer ideas for indoors:

  • Brick accent wall in your living room, study or office: With the proper treatment, this can look like you tore into your wall board or lathe and plaster wall and unearthed a gem.
  • Backsplash in your kitchen: This can give a warm, cozy feel to your kitchen if you’re turned off by the cold look of modern kitchens.
  • Floor for breakfast nook or sunroom: Veneer makes this easier if you need to match the height of an adjoining floor.
  • Fireplace restoration: If your modern home had a block-built fireplace, covering with brick veneer can make something new look old again.
  • Repurposed dining or accent table or desk: If you love to repurpose old furniture, you could add a top made of antique brick. That would sure be a conversation piece.


A few more brick veneer ideas for outdoors:

  • Convert an old concrete sidewalk to brick: You could save tons of money and time by simply leveling out an old crumbling sidewalk with masonry topped by brick veneer. A nice herringbone pattern adds an even more beautiful look.
  • Re-side a wood-framed house: Your old wood ranch house could quickly become a beautiful brick ranch with a new brick veneer finish. You could even do the shed while you’re at it.
  • Cover your patio or pool decking: Give your back yard a fresh look by paving over the old concrete with brick veneer.

Of course, ideas for using brick veneer to spruce up your home or office are limited only by your imagination. Brick veneer is versatile, easy to install and can last a lifetime, so don’t hesitate to experiment and try these projects yourself.

Contact us when you’ve decided on your first veneer brick wall project and we’ll find the perfect antique brick veneer for your home.

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