Street Pavers

Are you looking for a unique idea for your new driveway, patio or walkways? Do you want materials that can be sustainable and actually helpful for the environment? Reclaimed granite pavers could be the perfect option for your next home project.

Let’s look at the most important ways that reclaimed granite pavers are sustainable building bricks that give your driveway, patio or walkways an amazing look.

They Are Reclaimed

As we mentioned before, these granite stone pavers are reclaimed from the streets of America, so they did not require any new quarrying to meet your project needs. Using recycled granite pavers and building materials always is a great choice for any construction project if you are concerned about your impact on the environment.

Granite pavers are the perfect product to recycle and reuse because they are virtually indestructible. You’ll even have the satisfaction of knowing that once you’re done using them on your project, they can be removed and recycled again and again.

They Are Practically Indestructible

As we just mentioned, these granite pavers will last several lifetimes. They’ve already served one purpose as street pavers in one of America’s great cities. Now, they have been saved and are ready to go to work for your home.

Once installed at your home, granite will serve your family for generations, ultimately offsetting any higher initial cost. Recycled driveway pavers will withstand heavy vehicle traffic without cracking or splitting.

You won’t have to think about a 5-year repair or reinstallation or 20-year repair or reinstallation plan as you might with asphalt or concrete. Your granite driveway or patio will serve you with only minor washing or weeding, depending upon how you install them.

They Are Environmentally Friendly

Speaking of that installation, if you install your granite pavers for driveways, patios or walkways with sand or gravel between the stones, you also are benefiting the environment. Water that percolates down through your driveway will be cleaner than water that runs off a concrete or asphalt driveway.

You also reduce your contribution to localized flooding when your driveway absorbs rainfall and retains it for your lawn or garden rather than shedding it into the street.

They Are Unique

Reclaimed granite pavers will give your home a unique look as they are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Granite pavers recovered from different cities around the Northeast and Midwest offer colors unique to each region.

While gray is certainly the most common color for granite pavers, you also can find them in mottled purple to pink to white. Many colors also feature black flecks that make each stone a unique piece of art for your driveway or patio.

Because they are reclaimed, granite pavers also carry the wear and marks of the carriages, wagons, horses and automobiles that traversed them over the centuries, giving your home a historical look as well.

They Retain Their Value

Because your reclaimed granite paver driveway, patio, and walkways will last forever, these unique paving stones will also will add value  to your home when you or your family members eventually sell the home. Granite pavers add immediate curb appeal that will retain and even add to its value over the years, meaning your investment will more than pay for itself by increasing the value of your home.

In the meantime, you and your family will enjoy the look and feel of your granite driveway, patio or walkways, making the investment a priceless feature of your home.

Contact us to discuss which style and color of reclaimed granite pavers will make the perfect complement to your home. We can ship samples of our sustainable building bricks so you can see them in your lawn or garden to find the exact look you desire. The next time you think about a building project, consider recycled granite patio pavers first!

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