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Antique brick veneer walls create a powerful image. Real brick veneer makes buildings look strong and everlasting while still adding a tone of warmth and comfort. But traditional brick can be difficult to install or even impossible depending on your building’s foundation and construction. If you’re a real estate investor looking for a solid, long-lasting way to refinish your buildings with a unique touch that will draw in tenants or a homeowner who wants to add brick accents to your home, antique brick veneer can give you the authentic, warm depth of antique brick at a lower cost and with more convenience. Learn how you can get the look of real brick veneer today!

What is antique brick veneer?

With antique brick veneer, you can take the traditional concept of applying a thin, decorative cover over coarse or base construction materials and give it a unique twist that fits the feel of your property. Instead of wood or vinyl, antique brick veneer walls are made from 1/2 inch thick tiles sliced from antique brick buildings to add old-style character and appearance when whole-brick installation would be unwieldy or impossible. Brick veneers can be added to interior features or exterior walls and constructions and can be applied to the entirety of your property or used as an accent piece.

Where do we get our antique brick veneer?

Gavin Historical Bricks sources vintage bricks from old Chicago buildings. These bricks are highly durable with a vibrant color palette that can add authenticity and detail to your home or business’s decor. The veneer tiles can be installed quickly and conveniently, and they last for years due to the heavy-duty, quality material of the bricks.

We also have a selection of antique warehouse red brick for veneer tiles. These oversized bricks were used int he construction of warehouses and buildings throughout the American Midwest. The colors shift from dark reds and purples to a stony brick orange, and they can pull together the atmosphere of a room anywhere from a restaurant to a modern minimalist apartment. These veneer tiles are also 1/2 inch thick and can be incorporated into any interior and exterior restoration.

What are the benefits of antique brick veneer?

  • Real brick veneer is lightweight and easy to use. Because these veneer tiles are light, they can easily be installed on interior drywall as accents or backsplashes, or even as whole wall veneers, without the risk of damage or straining to the walls. Because of the small size, antique brick veneer can be applied on angled walls, in small office nooks, and through stairwells with a minimum of fuss. In the event of internal wall damage or repairs, the veneer can easily be removed and restored.
  • Antique brick veneer walls stand up to extreme temperatures and hazards. If you live in an area with extreme temperature shifts or droughts that lead to foundation shifts and cracks, antique brick veneer is a great investment that can stand up to the pressure. It is also more durable than other veneer materials because of its authentic brick and stands up well to impact, protecting the underlying wall and structure. It’s also fire resistant and doesn’t require staining or sealing for regular maintenance.
  • Antique brick veneer lets you add historical authenticity to your home or property on a budget. Brick veneer generally comes at a lower price than whole brick products. If you’re adding the veneer as one of many restoration projects but you still want the warmth and history and antique brick, our veneer selections can help give that same character to your building.

Remodeling your home is all about finding the style and final appearance you want. If antique brick isn’t the right fit for your property’s specifications but you want the appearance and style of bricks, antique brick veneer is the right choice. Browse Gavin Historical Brick’s selection of antique brick veneer here to get started.

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