Talk about using old paving bricks in landscaping, and the first thing that comes to mind is walkways. Even so, there are plenty of other landscaping ideas with brick pavers you may not have thought of. Here are just a few brick landscaping ideas we thought were worth mentioning.

Wishing Well

Draw a circle on the ground that is around four feet in diameter. Using your outline, dig a hole that is six to eight inches deep all the way around. Begin laying your old paving bricks in a circular fashion, alternating layers as you move upward to ensure stability. Continue until your wishing well is the desired height, typically two to three feet. Place treated lumber posts just inside the well and connect the two with a separate, smaller beam. Cover with a slanted roof, suspend a bucket from the center beam, and you’re all set.

Rustic Seating Bench/Countertop

Create two “steps” approximately three to four feet apart and facing one another. Ideally, these steps should be around two to three feet off the ground. Place a thick wooden plank on each one of the stair steps to serve as a bench. You can also create a countertop for your grilling area by building stairs that are about chest height.

Fire Pit

Dig a hole that is approximately three feet deep and six feet in diameter. Line the outer rim of your hole with brick pavers that are stood on end. Continue laying brick over top of these pavers, staggering each layer as you go until your fire pit is the desire height. Add a grate if desired and your fire pit will double as an outdoor grill.

Raised Garden Bed

Used brick is one of the best materials for creating a raised garden bed, because it allows you to form a variety of shapes. Choose a traditional, rectangular garden bed or a more contemporary curved design for added visual interest. Brick is also very easy to create “tiers” with, something you may wish to consider if you would like to grow strawberries.

Garden Bird Bath

Simply create a pier or column, add a wooden platform and an over-sized saucer, and you have a fully-functional birdbath stand. During the winter months, you can remove the saucer and use the stand as a bird-feeding station instead. You may even find other uses for it such as a plant stand.

Corner Waterfall

This one is best performed near a wall or garden fence. Build a triangular-shaped structure, ensuring it is slightly rounded in front. Use natural rock to create the “steps” for your waterfall, then add a pond liner and vertical pump to complete your look. If you would like to add plants to your waterfall, consider creating tiers along the back walls, as this will provide you with a place to set containers on.

Garden Pond or Fountain

Garden ponds or fountains made from landscaping bricks can be any size or shape you desire. They may also be placed anywhere-even against the side of a building if you have limited space. The only requirements for building them are a vinyl liner to prevent damage to your brick and mortar, along with a dedicated outdoor outlet for the water circulation system.

Game Station

Use your brick pavers to create the perfect spot for playing outdoor games such as:

  • Hopscotch
  • Shuffleboard
  • Jump rope
  • Tic tac toe

Brick may also be used to create a “court” for playing basketball, volleyball, tennis, or any other outdoor sport. There are many uses for bricks we may not have even thought of!

Any of these brick landscaping ideas will breathe new life into your backyard or garden, and are easy enough to accomplish in a weekend. If you’d like to start landscaping with bricks and need to find the right used paving bricks for your project, please contact us.

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