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It’s a new year, and you have resolved that this time, you will improve your yard. This is a laudable goal: too many yards get overgrown and tired. Fortunately, you can start on this goal right now by using antique brick to prettify your grounds. There are many uses for old bricks. Here are few antique brick yard improvement ideas and reasons behind them to get you started.

No Watering/ Little Maintenance Required

Say you have a lot of lawn hiding under all that snow. Why not pull part of that up and put in an antique brick patio? In the spring, you will need much less fertilizer and water to rejuvenate your backyard, and the bricks have already been broken in. If you put it in now, all you will have to do to make your backyard ready for Easter is sweep off the snow.

Antique brick borders and walkways will likewise give a lot of pizzazz to your property without requiring a lot of labor in the spring. Any ground you cover with antique bricks is ground you don’t have to mulch, weed, till or feed when you are already fussing over perennials and cuttings.

Contrasting Color

Antique bricks come in an array of colors and textures, from red to purple and rough to rounded. Whichever ones you pick for your projects, it is sure to provide not only a brilliant counterpoint to the snow now, but a charming contrast to your flowers later. The classical look and feel of the brick hardscapes make your greenery lusher and freer looking by comparison, and they provide a nice backdrop to your house, too.

Increases Safety

Whether it is raining, snowing, or hailing, your grounds are getting slushy. This leads to slippery spots on the lawn and causes people to track trip-causing water into your house. An antique brick path, patio or porch resists developing puddles as water seeps through the cracks. The rougher surface gives people’s feet a good grip and indicates places to walk where they won’t get their feet wet. All this cuts down on the number of people potentially slipping on your property.

Philosophically Right

Antique bricks carry a history of the mid-west with them, and it provides a nice continuity to use something old to create something new. It might sound a little wistful, but the ability to say that you have material in your yard that once supported horse-drawn buggies is a treat.

Great Fire Pit Or Fireplace Material

The cold of winter is the perfect time to install a fire pit in your yard for huddling around. You’ll be able to use it year round, and it will add a practical note for anyone who likes to entertain out-of-doors. Fireplaces and fire pits can require digging a space a couple of inches deep, but the wall of bricks does most of the work of containing the fire.

And antique bricks have already proven their mettle in surviving fires and preventing fires from getting out of control. They will look beautiful after the first Valentine’s Day marshmallow roast and the 200th Independence Day barbecue.


Perhaps this January you are dreaming of a classic English Tea Garden with roses and meandering paths. Then April rolls around and you find yourself jonesing for a Kitchen Garden, complete with fresh peas and herbage. That meandering brick path will still make your yard look great, no matter what you plant around it.

What’s more, it is an easy material to fool with. You can add a wing or a planter any time and any where in your yard without much outlay of energy or disturbing the scenery.

This winter, prepare for a beautiful garden using antique bricks. It will please even the greenest of thumbs. And if you need to get some antique bricks, contact us. We have the perfect ones for your garden.

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