You can see an interior arcade with pillars separated out evenly.

Veneer | Interior Arcade

Overview of a Veneer brick floor with a highlight in the middle.

Veneer | Floor

Diagonal photo of a room with veneer brick floor and a small garden decoration in the middle.

Veneer | Floor w/ Decoration

Close-up photo of a Veneer brick wall facing towards the corner of the room.

Antique Brick Veneer | Wall

Interior of the Kraffert house. You can view the veneer brick throughout the interior of the ample room.

Veneer | Interior Kraffert

Kitchen area with window opening and Veneer brick wall in the interior of the room.

Veneer | Interior Kitchen

Bar view of the inside of the restaurant. You can see a drink stand to the left, a booth to the right and the bar in the middle.

Brewery Brick | Bar View

You can see a restaurant booth with Veneer brick in the interior walls.

Veneer | Interior Restaurant

You can view almost the complete hallway and you can see the small white highlights throughout the Veneer brick interior walls.

Veneer | Restaurant

Ample kitchen with island in the middle and Veneer brick used for the wall with windows.

Veneer | Interior Kitchen Ample

Straight shot of a veneer brick wall with a lamp.

Veneer | Straightforward Photo

You can view the whole outside of a restaurant built completely from stone veneer.

Veneer | Outside of Restaurant

Close-up photo of the corner of a room built with veneer brick with arcades.

Veneer | Corner

Veneer house in the country with a pool/lake.

Veneer | House in Country

You can view a pillar in the middle of an arcade inside a house. The arcade is built out of veneer brick.

Veneer | Interior Pillar

Close-up photo of a veneer brick towards the right facing towards the corner of the room.

Veneer | Close-Up

Antique Warehouse Red Veneer brick interior wall. The interior is neatly decorated into an office area with book shelfs.

Veneer | Warehouse