Custom Blends

Looking for a truly one-of-a-kind design statement? We’ll custom blend several different historical brick building materials just for you, working with you to develop the perfect mix of colors, sizes and shapes for your project. The best part: we will give you the exclusive right to your custom stone and brick blends and guarantee that no one else in your area will be able to replicate your unique look! Below is a sampling of custom stone and brick blends we have done recently using antique bricks salvaged from historic buildings and streets.

San Antonio Blend

The vibrant reds of Antique Street Pavers, Pasadena Clinkers and Antique Mixed Reds are combined on this Tudor style home in San Antonio, TX. We have a beautiful selection of red bricks for sale.

Birmingham Blend

A rich earth tone blend of Antique Brown Building Bricks, Gavin Blend Clinkers and Clinker Clumps makes a stately impression in Birmingham, AL.

Charlotte Blend

The charming irregularities of Antique Skinny Pavers, Old Pasadena Clinkers, Clinker Clumps and Old Chicago bricks add unique personality in Charlotte, NC.