As close to authentic brick as it’s possible to get, this beautiful veneer is cut from genuine vintage building bricks that we salvaged from demolition sites in Chicago. These high-quality veneer bricks give you the character and durability of the originals along with the installation convenience of veneer. Sliced into 1/2″ thick tiles, they are infinitely adaptable as interior or exterior brick veneer.

Old Chicago Brick Veneer Specifications


8 x 2 1/4 x 5/8

Bricks Per Sq Ft


Bricks Per Box

50 (7 Sq Ft)

Boxes per Pallet

60 (420 Sq Ft)


Corner pieces available

Sample Mockup

Chicago Brick Veneer Products

Antique Full Range Chicago Thin Brick Veneer

Create an authentic and charming look with our Old Chicago Brick Veneer. Made from genuine vintage building bricks salvaged from Chicago demolition sites, these versatile tiles provide easy installation while maintaining the character and durability of original bricks. Available in boxes or pallets for larger projects, with corner pieces also available for a seamless finish. Elevate your space with the timeless appeal of Old Chicago Brick Veneer today!

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Antique Buff Chicago Thin Brick Veneer

Enhance the look of your space with our Chicago Buff Thin Brick Veneer. Made from salvaged, authentic vintage bricks from Chicago, this high-quality veneer offers the durability and character of traditional brick with the convenience of veneer. With a neutral color scheme and sand texture, these 1/2″ thick tiles can be used both indoors and outdoors to add a touch of design interest.

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Antique Chicago Handmade Thin Brick Veneer

Experience the charm and character of historic Chicago with our Antique Handmade Thin Brick Veneer. Each brick is carefully crafted by hand, giving your space a timeless, vintage feel.

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Classic Pink Chicago Thin Brick Veneer

Elevate your interior design with our Chicago Pink Thin Brick Veneer. Made from salvaged vintage bricks from demolished buildings in Chicago, this high-quality veneer offers the character and durability of authentic brick with the convenience of easy installation.

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“We have used pavers from Historical Bricks on several projects. The antique brick pavers and cobblestones contribute to the sense the pavers has been in place forever. Clients love this aspect of our work.”

Phil Liederbach, Liederbach & Graham Architects
Chicago, IL
newly finished antique brick patio project

The End Result is Beautiful

“It was such serendipity that I found you all. I desperately wanted to use antique cobblestones on our driveway and you were so great to find the perfect stone that fit our budget. Thank you!”

Private Homeowner
Charlotte, NC

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“Our firm, the Mark David Levine Design Group, Inc. specializes in authentic period Garden Environments and restorations. It is imperative that the materials we choose ‘appropriately take you back in time’ and, my first contact for the perfect choice always seems to be Gavin Historical Bricks; a fabulous company that I respect and enjoy collaborating with! Their knowledge of historical materials is unmatched. Coupled with wonderful service, caring, and, passion for their unique, timeless, and, gorgeous materials greatly insure our design intent! Their materials simply allow us to exceed our client’s greatest expectations!”

Mark David Levine, ASLA
Beverly Hills Montecito Woodland Hills, CA

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