Brick Floors

The warm and powerful look of brick isn’t just for walls. Brick floors give homes a unique, well-crafted look that invites visitors past the threshold and can stand up to high foot traffic and impact. If you’re considering redoing your home’s floor, brick veneer tiles are a sturdy, cost-effective alternative to ceramic and stone tile options that come in a variety of colors and patterns but also add history to your home. Discover the many benefits of reclaimed brick flooring for home renovation projects below.

How are reclaimed brick floors made?

Brick veneer flooring is made from old brickwork across the United States. Whether you want the patterned tones of dark red to light brown brickwork of Old Chicago or you’re looking for a varied color palette that incorporates the reds, oranges, and purples of American Midwest buildings from the 1800s, our brick professionals rescue brickwork from buildings designated for demolition. The brick is struck clean and sliced to 1/2 or 3/8″ thickness in tiles that are shaped to capture the original pattern of the brickwork. Whether the floor bricks were set in a traditional pattern, in a herringbone formation, or any other style, our process transports the style and look from Chicago or the Midwest straight into your home.

What are the benefits of antique brick flooring?

No matter what you want your reclaimed brick flooring to look like, at the end of the day it’s important that it has all the best qualities of a strong floor: stain and damage resistance, sturdiness, easy installation and repair, and slip resistance for safety, especially in a kitchen or patio. Brick veneer floors offer all of these advantages. Because of the authentic brick that is sliced into veneer tiles, the surface has a good grip and can provide better traction than ceramic tiles. Antique brick veneer is also easy to clean and is treated to prevent stains from leaking into the surface.

Whether you have been contracted to refinish a job site or you’re a home owner who likes to do your own restorations, antique brick veneer tiles are easy to install. You can install the tiles just as you would ceramic tiles, and the project can be a room, an accent piece around your fireplace, or the entire property. Our brick floors last for both interior and exterior renovations, so you can easily expand your project to include an outdoor patio and finish off the refurbishment with matching antique brick veneer for the walls.

Antique brick flooring also operates on the unique premise of restoring history. Instead of turning to newly manufactured materials, you can refurbish your home with brick that has already been made. This style of green construction has become increasingly popular both commercial renovators and do-it-yourself home owners look for ways to reduce their environmental impact. Because brick veneer uses previously constructed materials and multiple tiles can be made from the same segments of brick, antique brick veneer is the perfect choice for home renovation projects that won’t hurt the environment or waste previously constructed materials.

Antique brick veneer also gives your home American history. Whether you have a home in a historic district or your neighborhood was built in the last few decades, adding tile from nineteenth-century brickwork gives your home a unique style and you a great conversation starter when guests come over. And if you plan on selling your home or you purchase real estate properties for rental, telling potential tenants the story of the kitchen’s unique brick flooring or where the patio’s herringbone brick came from is a great way to increase the sell-ability and appeal of the building.

A unique floor draws the eye. If you have a floor remodeling on your to-do list or you’re looking for the perfect element to tie a newly constructed patio to a historical home, browse Gavin Historical Brick’s selection of antique brick veneer flooring for the right color and style to get started.

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