Reclaimed Pavers

You have a multitude of options when it comes to how you pave your landscape. That is how it ought to be, too, since your hardscapes are really the backbone of your garden. How you pave your paths and driveway shape the rest of the yard, setting the tone for your plants and shaping what you can put where. The paths are the whole of the visual scenery when winter comes and the plants die back. They provide the contrasting colors you work with when it is time to pick flowers.

So you want to pick the materials you use to pave parts of your yard carefully. Whether you are putting in a patio, redoing your driveway or putting paths through your lawn to reach your raised beds, you want a material that will bring its ‘A’ game. One choice that could really work in almost every yard is reclaimed pavers. Discover why yard landscaping with brick pavers is a great idea.

Durability: Pavers are composite materials, such as brick, that are milled to uniform size. In the days of horses and buggies, they were extremely popular in streets, but many were pulled up in favor of asphalt or other coverings as times changed. These pavers were made with old-fashioned quality, so they work fine.

In fact, the first reason you might like reclaimed brick pavers over any other choice is their durability. Properly installed and maintained brick pavers can last at least 25 years, and they can take heavy traffic. They were, after all, designed to last. In addition to simple physical toughness, their coloration is durable, too. You won’t see their colors fade, so you will have the same terrific pattern you laid down for years to come.

Appearance: Which is the second reason to spring for reclaimed pavers. They have unique wear patterns and a rustic look that matches just about any theme for your garden. They come in a range of colors, from deep purple to brilliant red, so you can easily make patterns and create interesting visual contrast with your lawn. Reclaimed pavers can give your home a historic look, a countrified look, or a classic look depending on where you use them and which ones you pick. Want a refined English-garden theme? There are antique pavers in brown and earth-tones for quiet walkways. Want a country-villa feel? Bright red pavers as part of the driveway can set the tone. Whichever your theme, reclaimed pavers can make the look complete.

A Touch Of History: It isn’t any wonder that the looks can vary so much: they come from many sources. The pavers that covered the streets of Wisconsin in 1900 look different and have a very different feel than the one that covered the ground in Indiana. This individuality stems from each brick’s past. With each of these bricks put in your yard, you are preserving a piece of that story. Granted, you are generally walking all over that history, but you are physically preserving it, too. That can give you a warm glow just knowing you are in contact with our industrious ancestors.

Green: Probably the best reason is the environment. Every old thing you reclaim is a thing that won’t be headed to the local landfill, thus clearing up the space for better uses. What’s more, you aren’t requiring any new resources. The brick or stone was already quarried or made. Natural environments were left alone, and our grandchildren will have more resources to work with. You can save quite a bit of the environment by going with reclaimed pavers.

You can think of reclaimed bricks as a gift from our ancestors. Our sturdy forefathers made sturdy materials to cover the streets of some of our most historic cities, and now that they are no longer in use, are passing them on to our generation. If you want to take advantage of this gift and try yard landscaping with brick pavers, contact us. We will be happy to help you pick the right pavers for your yard.

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