Antique Cobblestones

Add Extra Authenticity and Accessibility to Your Commercial Properties with Antique Cobblestones

Historically authentic cobblestone driveways and footpaths are one of the best ways to add to the atmosphere and restoration of historical residences. But commercial properties can also benefit tremendously from transforming their properties with historically sourced cobblestones. Whether your business is full of walkways and wandering paths or your building is right in your town square, adding antique cobblestones for businesses can attract customers and make your business stand out.

What are the benefits of using antique cobblestones for your pathways?

Antique cobblestones are worn smooth and level.

Whether you own a restaurant, a museum, or a botanical garden, having cobblestone paths can draw customers in with a historical atmosphere and a more authentic setting that matches your business’s theme. Reclaimed and restored cobblestones from the United States’ and Europe’s history are the perfect touch to transform your pathways from facsimiles to the real deal that enhance your customers’ experience. Because the stones are worn smooth from centuries of horse and foot traffic around the world and because of our cobblestone laying techniques, you can have wide, accessible footpaths that easily accommodate customers in wheelchairs. Some historical architecture such as stairs or uneven cobblestones can make your premises too difficult to access or even out of ADA regulations, but our antique Bluestone cobblestones and jumbo St. Louis stones create smooth, rounded pathways that everyone can enjoy as they explore your garden or exhibits.

Tell a story through the details of your property

People love history. If you can revitalize facsimiles of centuries-old cobblestone paths and add historical detail to seemingly mundane features like driveways and entrances, customers will slow down and pay more attention to your storefront. Anything out of the ordinary draws the eye, and historical details do precisely that. Because we used reclaimed and sourced cobblestones, each stone has a unique place in history that you can tell visitors through placards, stories, and even through the visual display. No matter what the theme of your restaurant is or what era part of your botanical garden or museum is emulating, cobblestones tie the look together and complete the atmosphere in an enjoyable, novel way. Instead of setting stone pillars in cement or having wrought gates over concrete paths, use historical stones.

Make a change that invites more walking

Walking too much on concrete and hard surfaces can hurt your feet and your back, as well as increase blood pressure. If part of your business includes walkways and arranged pathways for your customers to enjoy, no matter what the setting, concrete might be cutting out your elderly clientele. Instead, according to a study by the Oregon Research Institute, cobblestone pathways reduce health dangers. During the study, researchers found that walks on cobblestone surfaces helped improve balance and performance in elderly adults; the change in path material also helped reduce blood pressure. Just changing to antique cobblestone pathways can help make walks more enjoyable, less painful, and longer-lasting, and this means your customers can enjoy more of your premises’ landscaping and history. If your business’s demographic includes adults over sixty years old, making and marketing the change not only helps you retain customers but can help bring in new business that is drawn in by your consideration to how maintaining mobility without injury is essential.

Walking is becoming increasingly popular as people become more aware of the health benefits, and they’re looking for fun and interesting places to explore on foot. Make your business a prime attraction by incorporating authentic history, and make sure your property is accessible to everyone with smooth cobblestone pathways. Not only will it make your business unique, the experts at Gavin Historical Bricks can find exactly the historical stones you’re looking for.

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