Antique Paving Bricks

Antique paving bricks are the flat, relatively thin bricks that builders used to cover roads and driveways in the mid-1800’s. They were an excellent way to control the mud so that carriages didn’t get stuck, and they were relatively easy to clean. These bricks could take the punishment of millions of horses walking over them and extreme weather changes, and they still looked classy. Our area in the Mid-West became famous for making delightful paving bricks that cities wanted to use on their streets.

Overtime, the clay ran out and the bricks lost favor to asphalt, which was easier to apply and gave city planners more control of stormwater runoff. Slowly, the now-antique bricks were pulled up to be covered by tar. They were too nice to just throw away, though, and so these old pavers are now available for sale.

And who wants to buy these? Believe it or not, antique paving bricks are very useful. They are still sturdy and ready for use after all these years. Also, their variegated colors and textures give the owner a lot of design choices. People can take them for many purposes.

Pave The Driveway

Antique paving bricks are a natural way to pave a driveway, especially a large one. They are easy to install and repair, and withstanding vehicular traffic is their main purpose. It’s a naturally permeable cover for the space in front of your garage, so you won’t have puddles developing right where you get out of your car.

By carefully selecting the color and texture of your old pavers, you can have a natural pattern in your driveway. If you want to take the design element to the next level, you can create patterns. You can create T shapes, swirls, and sunbursts to enliven the front of your house. It’s a classy touch for that most important first impression.

Pave Paths In Your Backyard

Guests frequently walk through raised beds or an uninterrupted lawn simply because they can’t see a quicker, more obvious way to get from one place in a garden to another. A path made of antique paving bricks solves this problem by giving them a place to walk. It is easier for people who have trouble walking to get around in your garden, too, if you have a smooth space for them.

These paths are more than a practical way to preserve your plants and take care of your guests. They are focal points, creating a splash of purple, red or brown in the among the green. You can give the path a border and a fancy inner pattern to make your brick path a part of your landscape’s beauty.

Patios Or Fireplace Surrounds

Antique paving bricks provide a non-slip, fireproof, and classically beautiful surface for flat surfaces around fireplaces and patios. Old pavers are perfect for rolling grills around so that you can hold your barbecue on whatever side of the patio feels right for you. Chairs fit neatly on the brick surface so that people can sit and chat comfortably. The bricks are easy to sweep clean so that your backyard always looks ready for a party.

Brick patios are particularly flexible. You can easily form them around plants or create unique shapes. Want to have a waterproof surface that meets the lip of your pond or pool? Need an attractive way to prevent weeds growing around your favorite tree? Think a curved edge will suit the landscape better than a straight edge? Using antique paving bricks in your patio allows you to do all this and more. The designs are only limited by your imagination, and you can make your backyard as unique as you.

If you think your home or work space could use antique paving bricks, contact us. We have many designs to chose from, and you’re sure to find the right old pavers for any project you may have.

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