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Brick veneer is a hot choice these days. These are thin bricks, about 3/4 inch thick, you lay on the walls to give your home the cheerfully classic look without re-doing the entire wall or worrying about the weight. Antique brick veneers can make any room look like a colonial house, a steam punk refuge, or a pleasant rural cabin. So where would you get the best effects out of the veneers? Read our interior brick wall ideas below to discover some of our favorite places for antique brick veneer.


The kitchen is the natural gathering place for families. Making it comfortable by evoking by-gone eras with traditional brick walls feels right.

As a practical point, kitchens don’t have a lot of exposed wall. Cabinets and sinks creep up half the walls, and there are a lot of ledges protruding around the work spaces. It won’t require a lot of veneer to cover the parts you can see.

The extra layer acts a protectant, too. Kitchens are hot, humid places where grease can develop everywhere. Wood walls and wallpaper get gross fast, but bricks are practically designed for kitchen use. They don’t show grease and they aren’t hurt by humidity.

Dining Rooms

Dining rooms have more exposed space to cover with your veneer, but it is worth the effort. The dining room is a large room made small by a big table that dominates everything. An antique brick veneer has enough personality to balance out the table. This will make the room feel warm and comfortably-sized again.

Dining rooms also tend to get used for other things, too. Brick veneers are robust enough for whatever art project or get-together your family throws at it.


Surrounding your fireplace with brick veneer is the easy way to make the room reflect and hold on to the warmth that your fire is putting out. The cheery colors and the varied textures invoke the flames and the comfort.

There are a variety of ways to put the veneer to good use around the fireplace. You can cover the wall for classy look. You can cover just the mantle and firebox for a traditional Colonial vibe. You can create an elevated surround for the floor around the fireplace for a nice transitional space. The fireplace is where a little brick can produce a big effect, and you can let your creativity run wild.

Big Rooms You Want To Give An Industrial Feel To

Brick has an ageless look and can be made to evoke any era you want. The Industrial Revolution is a natural option, exposed brick being a favorite building material of that era. Paint the shelves in rich chocolate brown and add polished copper furnishings and your room screams steam punk.

It can also feel contemporary with an industrial ceiling, white furniture and thick carpets. Your large room can feel comfortable and modern with brick.

Pool Rooms

The practical point: pool rooms are damp and prone to tracked mud. Brick walls give your out buildings a comfortable, rural feeling without showing mud or getting slippery. It will give a warm touch to your guests as they pop out of the cold pool, too.

You have a wide selection of brick to create interesting patterns on the wall and on the floor for your veneer, and outside buildings are a great place to indulge that creative itch. They are smaller, so your pattern won’t overwhelm people. It’s inviting to look at so people will take time to admire your handiwork. You can truly go wild with brick.

Antique brick veneers are lovely in many other places, but these rooms are perfect for your first application. If you feel that you have a few walls that would look better with a brick veneer, contact us. We have a variety of veneers to choose from so your rooms can look truly stunning.

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