Brick Floors

Commercial or institutional buildings do not have to be dull. They can be inspiring, and one thing they can inspire people to do is use real brick flooring. No, you may not see it often, but there are some beautiful floors hiding in stores, diners, and wineries. The following five samples of brick floors in commercial buildings will show you some of the ways that commercial spaces can be made more charming with brick floors.

Brick Floor In Skincare Store in Tokyo

When Aesop beauty store took over an old shoe store in Tokyo, they inherited the brick facade that the first had put in. Another former owner painted it over, but the new owners liked the classy, high-end feel that the brick floor lent. The store also sports solid and classy brick shelves that match the floor. The architect who designed the new beauty store, Jo Nagasaka, also used the bricks as infill between wooden shelves. The 2-brick pattern and classic red color provide a soft look perfect for a beauty store or intimate space.

Home Office In Santa Fe

There is a rustic look that comes with real brick flooring that can make a room look relaxed. That was the aim of this home office. It compliments the wooden shelves and furniture. Additionally, it makes the most of the space. The work space may have wound up feeling small and crowded with another type of flooring

Concannon Tasting Room Floor

One of the oldest wineries in California, Concannon Vineyard in Livermore Valley, sports a classy floor to match the solid wood bar and tin roof. This is a genuinely antique space, with a Victorian home and grape arbor. It was even declared a historic site during the Eisenhower Administration. And yet the decor feels very modern, with the gray bricks letting the wine barrels and warm walls shine.

The White Dog Cafe In Philadelphia

Should you ever be in Philadelphia and want to eat in a rustic looking cafe, you can always drop by the White Dog Cafe on the outskirts of town. The builder, David Semerjian, used Rutherford brick for the bathrooms, entryway and garden dining room. The ‘broken basket weave’ pattern they used is a nice twist, with one brick over two bricks instead of two over two. This completes the luxuriously comfortable feel of the rooms, contrasting with the overstuffed chairs and green floor length shutters.

The Lorien Hotel And Spa In Alexandria, VA

You can imagine that this is a place where people need a place to drink, and the Lorien provides this with a solid brick bar topped by dark wood. It seems to grow out of the red brick floor organically, and complements the brown leather chairs. It’s a refined place with hanging lamps and richly appointed furniture, all of which the brick floor complements quite nicely.
The hotel also used bricks to cover the floor of the reception hall, and it give a whole new vibe with the way it blends in to the carpet. It contrasts with the dark tiles in the halls, too, which gives the place a very luxurious feel.
Open Air Halls In Tsinhua Ocean Research Center In Shenzhen, China

The Tsinhua Ocean Research Center achieves a feeling of spaciousness and airiness with brick floors. Paired with the modern architecture, gray coloring and vertical lines, it lets students wander around in absolute peace. The same brick covers much of the campus grounds and the facade of the buildings, so they also get a continuity in feeling and look.
As you can see, it isn’t just backyards that look nice with brick coverings. If this inspires you to put real brick flooring on your spaces, contact us. We have reused bricks that will make your projects shine.

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