Thank you for visiting our gallery of antique used fire bricks. Please click through the images and feel free to contact us with any questions about our reclaimed fireplace bricks for sale. Investing in a genuine fire brick fireplace has a variety of benefits, including durability, beauty, and sustainability. Our selection of used fire bricks was created to withstand high temperatures while retaining their appearance.

What better bricks to build your fireplace with than ones that were specially made for extremely high heat tolerance? These reclaimed kiln bricks for sale came from an old brickyard, which in its heyday 100 years ago was one of the largest brick producers in the world. Outstanding for both their beauty and their functionality, these fire bricks for sale can be seen in the fireplaces of some of the most exclusive homes in the US. Fireplace bricks come in a variety of beautiful colors. Find reclaimed firebrick today at Historical Bricks!

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