Street Pavers

Although there will always be new trends for utilizing the space around your home, reclaimed brick and cobblestone pavers can give your property a classic appearance that increases curb appeal while providing a long-term solution. From walkways to driveways and everything in between, reclaimed pavers can offer a striking and vintage look that will age extremely well, which is why such pavers have become increasingly popular in recent years. Here are four reasons why you should install a reclaimed paver walkway or driveway.

Design options:

One of the very best features of using reclaimed pavers is the tremendous variety when it comes to picking the material and pattern that will best fit your project. Antique brick and cobblestone pavers can easily brush your property with a European feel or take you back to old-time Chicago, giving your driveway a unique feature that could make it emphatically standout in your neighborhood. Including all different colors of red, grey and tan tones, among others, reclaimed pavers offer a blank slate that gives you a tremendous opportunity to dress up the appearance of your property. Different options also give you the chance to make your driveway or walkway look incredibly smooth or purposely rough, depending entirely on the type of surface that suits your needs.


The sheer amount of options of reclaimed pavers can offer a solution to any space you might have on your property regardless of the climate you live in. While common brick pavers are perfect for warmer climates where freezing isn’t typically a concern, a wealth of options for street pavers can give you an extra boost of durability for regions where there is consistent freezing and thawing. Thanks to the overall strength of street pavers, designed to hold up for centuries of heavy traffic, you will end up with a tremendous long-term solution that is also visually striking. Additionally, reclaimed old cobblestone pavers are also known for their strength, providing another durable and vintage option that can withstand the tests of time and weather changes. Because of the exceptional durability, reclaimed pavers can also be a tremendous solution for commercial properties as well, allowing businesses or commercial real estate investors an opportunity to avoid the costly and time-consuming maintenance of other options.

Resale value:

A nice walkway or driveway can be one of the first things that a prospective buyer might notice, which is why classic pavers can set the tone before anyone even makes it to the front door. Additionally, brick street pavers or old cobblestone pavers have a dramatically longer lifespan than basic concrete or asphalt options, giving a buyer one less potential problem to worry about. With very low maintenance requirements and a classic look that will never appear dated, an area spruced up by reclaimed pavers can send a powerful message that the property was well looked after.

Option to do-it-yourself:

Although going with gravel or concrete would be less expensive in the short-term, you can also cut the price of installing pavers by following a fairly straight forward method of self-installation. Unlike many other big projects you might face around the house, installing a paver walkway or driveway doesn’t require expensive tools or specialized skills to achieve professional-looking results. By purchasing some inexpensive sand, a basic tamp and utilizing some scrap wood, you could be well on your way to personally installing your antique pavers exactly how you want them assembled. While the time commitment can be substantial, particularly for larger areas, the amount of savings can be very significant and you will end up with a tremendous looking area that has a long lifespan, making it a much better overall value than a professional installation of an inferior material.

For more information about transforming your walkway or driveway with reclaimed pavers, contact our professionals for options and further details.

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