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Home owners and property managers are seeking to give their location a distinctiveness and authenticity that separates it from other locations. They may want an old world feel that is also useful and stylish. More property owners are answering this demand with used cobblestone bricks. For example, the super modern Weil-Cornell Hospital in New York City still wants to to connect with its long history. The hospital installed beautiful rounded antique cobblestone in its front driveway where all patients and staff enter.  These items provide a unique look and feel to any location, making it rise above the rest. Many of these bricks are over 200 years old and originated in Europe. If you’re looking for some used cobblestone ideas, there are a few different antique types of cobblestone that are especially attractive.

European Blend Cobblestones
These cobblestones are a mix of colors that range in blue from mottled purple to grey. They make a royal impression to visitors and were often used in old world castles. These cobblestones are made of granite and are incredibly hard. They can stand up to the wear and tear of heavy vehicles.

Lake Street Cobblestones
These bricks have a consistent, solid grey appearance along with black dots scattered throughout. They make a great contrast for other types of pavement that can be juxtaposed against it whether it is sidewalk or regular black asphalt. In either case, the Lake Street Cobblestones will come across clear and distinct.

Old English Cobblestones
These have unique and vivid colors including plum, brown and tan made of sandstone. Although its name suggests popularity in England, these stones are actually derived from America and were popular in early US history. Property owners can mix and match these cobblestone colors in their driveway.

Salt and Pepper Cobblestone
These stones are fairly white or grey in appearance. They also include black specks which is why they are named as such. They form a monochromatic appearance and often good as a contrast to buildings with a more stark appearance. They work well contrasting bright red brick, blue windows, green panels or other materials.

Bluestone Cobble
As the name suggests, these bricks have a blue or bluish grey appearance. They were mostly from Pennsylvania and have endure heavy foot and horse traffic over the years. That has left them smooth to the touch and easy to walk or slide on. Motor vehicles will experience less bumpiness on these stones.

St. Louis Cobblestone
These grey and multicolored stones were popular in old time St. Louis. They have very large individual pieces and are also fairly rounded. They are varied and interesting to gaze upon.

Pink Cobblestones
These items most closely resemble classic bricks. They are made from pink quartzite stones and have a beautiful reddish pink hue. They are incredibly durable and hard, and last for generations. Over the years, many of the bricks look a little more polished due to contact abrasion however.

Old Charlottsville Cobble
These bricks are also made of sandstone. They have a tan and grey appearance with both square and rectangular choices. They are more versatile than other stones and can be placed on the patio or the driveway. They can also be placed in a circular pattern or the normal vertical pattern.

Gavin Historical Bricks is a leading provider of classic, stylish, antique, Old World bricks and cobblestone based in Iowa City, Iowa. The firm’s types of cobblestone range in size from 4.5″ W x 4.5″ D with random lengths as well. They have rounded tops and traditional colors to choose from. The bricks can be shipped anywhere in the country and are sold by the square foot at an attractive value. For more information on our used cobblestones, please contact us.

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