Genuine Antique Reclaimed Paving Brick

Reclaimed street pavers are our specialty! Genuine antique pavers reclaimed from streets throughout the USA. Many styles, names and colors to choose from for your special driveway or patio project. Browse our collection below and please call or email with any questions.


Our Process

  1. You email us pictures, dimensions and quantity of bricks you would like to match.
  2. We search our extensive inventory for an antique brick match (if no match is available we explore feasibility of custom making them for you).
  3. We email pictures and price quote of our match.
  4. We send you samples of our match with formal quote.
  5. You approve of our sample and place order :).

Historical Paving Bricks

Made to withstand centuries of heavy traffic, these vintage street pavers for sale are reclaimed from quaint old streets throughout the Midwest. Choose from America’s largest selection to create your one-of-a-kind driveway, patio or walkway. After more than 100 years, these reclaimed street pavers are still in superb condition, with a durability and charm unmatched today. And they will not fade as modern concrete pavers do. We will be delighted to help you find the perfect size, color and texture antique recycled brick pavers for your project, and ship nationwide direct to your jobsite. While you’re looking for antique brick pavers for sale, you can find inspiration for your next project in our gallery of street paver bricks. Be sure to also check out our sidewalk pavers.

Red brick drive way built withAntique Purington Street Pavers leading to a two-floor white house.

Antique Purington Street Pavers

Produced in Illinois’ renowned Purington Brickyards over 100 years ago, these reclaimed street pavers for sale are unlike anything made today, with a variegated color palette of maroon to dark purple.

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Brick driveway built with Antique Clinton Pavers. It's in a grid layout with green, short grass dividing the square sections on the driveway.

Antique Clinton Pavers

Brilliant dark colors and stack marks are the signature look of these 100+-year-old pavers that were made in Indiana and reclaimed from a historic Illinois Main Street. A longer and slightly slimmer profile measuring 9″ x 3.5″ x 3.75″ and featuring the Clinton name stamped in a diamond on each one.

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Floor built with Purington Skinny Pavers in a pattern where there are horizontal and vertical sections of with three bricks.

Purington Skinny Pavers

A rare find. These narrow bricks were laid on edge in the streets and are perfect for special decorative effects in your current project. As with standard Purington paver bricks, their colors are in the rich, deep red-to-purple family.

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Ample driveway built with Antique Purington Flat Street Pavers leading to the side of the house. The color of the driveway matches perfectly with the house.

Antique Purington Flat Street Pavers

Thinner and with more squared-off edges than standard paver bricks, flat pavers may better meet the needs of your particular design aesthetics or installation challenges. Their varied dark red colors combine in a finished look of authentic originality.

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Driveway built with Antique Metropolitan Street Pavers that leads to what seems to be a country house. Because after the brick driveway, there's a paved road with wooden fence to the side.

Antique Metropolitan Street Pavers

For a true red brick color, choose our 19th-century Metropolitan pavers. Reclaimed from historic streets, these red brick pavers show naturally worn smoothness on the side that was exposed to traffic and weather.

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Brick floor built with Antique Capital Pavers and you can see some white bricks in the middle to create an accent effect to the floor.

Antique Capital Pavers

Antique reclaimed street pavers with very unique brown coloring from the clay source of the Flint River near Des Moines, IA.

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Reclaimed Antique Street Pavers Driveway Example for Tom Frank Lloyd Wright Pavers

Frank Lloyd Wright Pavers

These paving bricks are unlike any others we have reclaimed. They come from Indiana streets laid more than 100 years ago, and feature versatile shades of tan with dark iron spots that will harmonize with any building color.

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Antique Purington Flat Street Pavers

Follow the yellow brick road! Unique yellow paver made at the turn of the century by the Mack Co. of West Virginia. Worn smooth surface from 100+ years of wear. Reclaimed from an exposed brick street. Clean, never cover with asphalt.

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Antique European Blend Cobblestone

Antique European Blend Cobblestones

A special blend of granite cobblestone pavers selected for their amazing color range from mottled purple to grey. Enjoy the practically indestructible hardness of granite European pavers along with the variegated look of a quaint Colonial street.

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Old English Cobblestone

Old English Cobblestones

Mellow tones of plum, brown and tan are reminiscent of a picturesque village in the Cotswolds… but this uniquely beautiful Medina sandstone was actually quarried here in America. It was a popular choice for buildings and towns in western New York and eastern Ohio dating back to the early 1800s.

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Antique Bluestone Cobblestone

Antique Bluestone Cobblestone

These rare and unusual blue/grey stones were reclaimed from Pennsylvania streets dating back to the days of the founding fathers. Generations of horse, wheel and foot traffic have worn the tops smooth and comfortable for today’s users. These beautiful driveway pavers will look stunning on any property.

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Reclaimed St Louis Cobblestone

Reclaimed St. Louis Cobblestone

A rare opportunity to own cobblestones reclaimed from historic St. Louis. Jumbo cobblestone in beautiful multi-colored tones and very worn rounded tops.

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Old Charlottesville Gold Cobblestone

Old Charlottesville Gold Cobblestone

Unique sandstone cobble in tan tones. Available in standard US-style rectangular pieces and European style squares. A beautiful Old World look for driveways, patios and more.

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Old Charlottesville Bluestone Cobblestone

Old Charlottesville Bluestone Cobblestone

Unique sandstone cobble in blue-grey tones. Available in standard US-style rectangular pieces and European style squares. A beautiful Old World look for driveways, patios and more.

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Antique Lake Street Cobblestone NY

Antique Lake Street Cobblestone

Genuine Antique Granite Cobblestone blocks in a unique Grey with Black flecks. Beautiful in both traditional and modern settings.

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Antique Salt and Pepper Cobblestone

Antique Salt and Pepper Cobblestone

Traditional white granite with black flecks with age and character.

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Floor with design in the middle built with Old Madrid Pavers

Old Madrid Pavers

These antique brick pavers were laid on edge in their original setting, a technique that’s ideal for executing Old World designs of greater formality or complexity. They’re available in a vibrant, light red to russet to burgundy color spectrum that, unlike color-stained concrete, will never fade.

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Auditorium style area with stairs coming down from a hill towards an open area that leads to the center after going down three stairs built with Old Chicago Pavers.

Old Chicago Pavers

While the original Old Chicago buildings couldn’t be preserved, we were fortunate to be able to save their stunning antique bricks from a trip to the landfill. Old Depot colors are softer and lighter than our other common pavers, ranging from buff to pink. Many feature a diamond stamp with the words “union made”.

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Floor built with Old Tuscany Pavers with a tall gate and two high pillars to the sides.

Old Tuscany Pavers

Offering maximum color variation and textural interest, Old Tuscany paver bricks create a dramatic effect in shades of orange, rose, red and purple with white mortar stains for even more contrast. No two are exactly alike, and no other home will look exactly like yours.

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“It was such serendipity that I found you all. I desperately wanted to use antique cobblestones on our driveway and you were so great to find the perfect stone that fit our budget. Thank you!”

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