1. Look Through Our Website

If you haven’t already, please look through our website for a selection of the antique building supplies we offer. These should be considered as a starting point for your project. Consider how you wish to use our products: for walls, paving, fireboxes, etc. and how much material you might need for your project.

2. Contact Us

Because every project is unique and special, we need to communicate with you to determine how we can best fulfill your needs. For each kind of material/project we have a list of questions that help us to recommend a particular product. We are happy to speak to you on the phone or exchange emails, faxes, or mail. Here is how we can be reached:

Phone: (319) 631-4356
Fax: (319) 688-3086
Email: info@historicalbricks.com

3. Samples

We send out samples of our brick and stone every day and are happy to do so! We believe when you get our antique building supplies in your hand you will see how unique they are and will want to incorporate them into your special project. Please email or call to request.

4. Price Quote

Once we have settled on the perfect reclaimed building materials for your project and quantities, we will issue a price quotation. This will include detailed information regarding what is to be ordered and pricing for shipping. We typically require a 10% deposit when you place the order to reserve your material. The balance will be due after you receive shipment.

5. Schedule Shipment

The lead-time will vary depending upon your location and size of your order (full truck loads are easier to schedule than small partials) but all of the material you see on our website is in stock and ready to ship. We are happy to discuss your particular scheduling requirements and accommodate you as best we can.

6. Delivery

We ship our material all over the United States and have also supplied to Canada and various locations in the Caribbean. We receive great volume discount from our shippers but are happy to make arrangements for you to use your shippers if you prefer. Our material is stacked and wired on pallets. Arrangements need to be made on your end to offload these pallets with a forklift. This is typically handled by the on site contractor.

7. Final Payment

Final payment will be due after you receive shipment. We are sure you are going to love our vintage and antique building supplies!

Get Started

Request a quote or call us now at (319) 631-4356 to discuss your project.