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We reclaim nothing but the highest quality antique bricks from century-year-old buildings throughout the USA. Not all antique brick is equal. Trust the company with over 20 years of experience in the reclaimed building brick and stone market to help you find the perfect material for your project! Look at examples of our salvaged brick for sale below.

Photo of a full house built with Antique Brewery Bricks. It's near sunset and all the lights are turned on.

Antique Brewery Bricks

Gorgeous oversized sandmold red bricks reclaimed from the history Forest City Brewery in Cleveland, OH. These old bricks were of the highest quality when laid over 100 years ago and have stood the test of time. Incorporate some true American history into your new home project with these reclaimed building bricks.

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Old Detroit red bricks for sale

Old Detroit Reds

Oversized antique bricks salvaged from the 19th century make a bold design statement in the 21st century. Rescued from demolished buildings throughout the Midwest, they come in a wide range of shades from dark red/purple to orange. Note: not all colors represented.

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Photo of the balcony of a big house built with Antique Chicago Bricks. There's a pool area below the balcony and a view of the city/surrounding area.

Antique Chicago Bricks

Reclaimed from Old Chicago buildings, these classic antique bricks for sale bring a century of architectural history to your home. On many of them, you can see the “union made” logo stamped into the clay, bearing witness to a proud tradition of quality craftsmanship. Colors range from buff to pink.

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Gable roof house built with Antique Buff Handmades. It's a front view of the house where front door and garage are to the sides.

Antique Buff Handmades

A neutral color scheme and a subtle sand texture give this unique brick type both versatility and design interest. Colored in the buff family, these vintage bricks will blend beautifully with existing structures, or stand out on their own in a new build.

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Close up photo of a wall built with Old Tuscany Bricks

Old Tuscany Bricks

A wide range of colors and sizes gives installations made with Old Tuscany bricks a quintessential Old World look, such as one might see in the Italian countryside. The key to the effect is the broad spectrum of colors, from deep red and purple to orange and rose to white mortar stains.

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Photo of a column at the entrance of a house built with Antique Iowa Pavers

Antique Iowa Pavers

These reclaimed building bricks are very unique, beautiful dark purple/black pavers with flash/stack marks made 100 + years ago in Boone, IA.

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Diagonal photo of a house built with Purington Pavers.

Purington Pavers

Made by the world-famous Purington Brick Co. in East Galesburg, IL, these salvaged brick pavers graced streets throughout the Midwest for 100+ years. Now they’re ready for their next life, enhancing your home with deep, intense colors from maroon to dark purple. Authentic street wear on one side adds character that can’t be imitated.

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Frontal view of a house where the two columns in the porch and the first floor outside walls are built with Purington Flat Pavers

Purington Flat Pavers

For a more contemporary look, consider flat pavers that have squarer edges and are not as thick as standard pavers. Ours came from the highly regarded Purington brickyard, and display the signature Purington dark red color range.

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Diagonal view of what seems to be a pool house built with Antique St. Louis Bricks. There's a pool and palm tree visible from this angle.

Antique St. Louis Bricks

Genuine antique “hydraulic pressed” bricks from historic St Louis buildings. Brilliant Red/Orange colors with some blacks and white mortar stained, these are the bricks that made St Louis famous. Very hard to find in quantity and high quality.

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Historical Bricks Reclaimed Antique Building Bricks

Historical Reclaimed Antique Building Bricks

Authentic common bricks reclaimed from historic buildings throughout the USA.

Antique Brick | Antique Bricks

Antique brick holds a timeless charm and allure that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any outdoor space. With its vintage character and rich history, antique brick provides a unique and distinctive touch to driveways, patios, and walkways. The term "antique brick" refers to bricks that were manufactured in earlier eras and have since gained value due to their age, craftsmanship, and historical significance. These bricks have witnessed the passage of time and carry the stories of the past within their weathered surfaces.

One of the notable applications of antique brick is in the creation of cobblestone driveways. Cobblestone driveways, reminiscent of European streets and historic neighborhoods, are achieved by using brick pavers in a patterned arrangement. Antique brick pavers offer an authentic look and feel, recreating the charm of bygone eras. Their irregular shapes and textures add an element of uniqueness and character to driveways, elevating them from a mere functional necessity to a stunning focal point.

Reclaimed brick, sourced from antique buildings or structures, is an environmentally friendly choice for outdoor paving projects. By repurposing these antique building materials, we not only reduce waste but also preserve a piece of history. Antique brick brings a touch of authenticity and heritage to outdoor spaces, evoking a sense of nostalgia and connection to the past.

Architects and designers often turn to antique brick when seeking materials that can blend seamlessly with historic or traditional architectural styles. Whether it's for a renovation project or a new construction, antique brick provides a cohesive and harmonious look, maintaining the integrity of the overall design. The availability of various sizes, colors, and textures of antique bricks allows for creative possibilities and customizations, ensuring that each project stands out as a work of art.

Apart from driveways, patios, and walkways, antique brick can also be used to create stunning retaining walls. The durable nature of these bricks, tested over time, ensures structural integrity and long-lasting beauty. The warm hues and weathered patina of antique bricks contribute to a visually appealing backdrop for gardens and outdoor living spaces, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

In the United States, one notable example of antique brick is the "St. Louis brick," which gained popularity during the 19th and early 20th centuries. St. Louis was known for its brick manufacturing industry, and today, antique St. Louis bricks are sought after for their unique blend of colors and historical significance.

In summary, antique brick offers a multitude of advantages for driveways, patios, and walkways. Its vintage appeal, coupled with its durability and flexibility, makes it an excellent choice for those seeking to create outdoor spaces with character and charm.

Antique Bricks For Sale

If you're in search of antique bricks for sale, you'll discover a wide variety of options to suit your specific needs and preferences. Antique brick pavers are very popular for driveways, patios, and walkways,  Another popular choice is thin brick or brick veneer, which provides the look and feel of antique brick but in a thinner profile. Thin brick is ideal for applications where space is limited, or if you're looking to add a touch of vintage charm to interior walls or fireplace surrounds. Brick veneer offers the convenience of easy installation while retaining the authentic appeal of antique brick.

Remember, reclaimed bricks may vary in appearance, with unique patinas, textures, and colors, so choose the ones that align with your preferences and desired aesthetic.  Make sure to take into account the total cost for your project - including shipping costs and being confident you won't have to rework an area due to defective bricks.  Gavin Historical Bricks can help you select a quality product that will meet the needs of your project and make it unique, memorable, and successful.

Antique Brick Colors

When it comes to antique brick colors, a wide range are available, allowing for endless possibilities in architectural and hardscaping projects. The color variations in antique bricks add depth, character, and a sense of history to any design. Whether you're looking to construct a retaining wall, create an antique colonial-style façade, or enhance your outdoor space with brick stone, selecting just the right color option is crucial.

Antique bricks come in a spectrum of hues, from warm reds and oranges to earthy browns and grays. These colors are a result of the natural variations in the clay used during their production, as well as the aging process over time. Some antique bricks may feature a weathered patina or a rustic appearance, while others maintain their original color vibrancy.  Some brick varieties, such as split face or specialty bricks, offer unique textures and finishes, adding a distinctive touch to your outdoor block or brick stone application.

If you're aiming for a cohesive design, you may also want to take into account the existing color palette or materials in your outdoor space. Antique bricks can harmonize with natural stone, concrete, or other architectural elements, creating a visually appealing and well-integrated outdoor block or brick stone landscape. By carefully considering the colors and their compatibility with your project, you can ensure that your antique brick selection enhances the overall aesthetic and architectural vision.

Antique Red Brick

Antique red brick holds a special allure with its warm and captivating hue. The deep red tones evoke a sense of nostalgia and timeless elegance, making it a popular choice for various architectural and hardscaping projects. The charm of antique red brick lies in its ability to add character and visual interest to any design, whether it's a historic restoration, a contemporary building, or a landscape feature.  Another characteristic of these reclaimed bricks is their varying shades. This creates a dramatic effect in your project because no two bricks are the same. You will often find hints of orange, rose, and purple in these reclaimed bricks as well as white mortar stains that provide additional contrast.

The rich color of antique red brick lends itself well to a range of applications. For interior design, thin brick or brick veneer in antique red can create a rustic accent wall or a fireplace surround, adding a touch of vintage charm to the space. The brick color pairs beautifully with both traditional and modern aesthetics, offering versatility in design options.

In outdoor settings, antique red brick is often used in brick pavers for walkways, patios, and driveways. Its vibrant hue creates a striking visual impact, enhancing the overall appeal of the landscape. The durability and weather-resistant nature of antique red brick make it an excellent choice for these applications, ensuring long-lasting beauty and functionality.

The use of antique red brick also contributes to the preservation of reclaimed buildings and antique building materials. By incorporating these bricks into new projects, we honor the history and craftsmanship associated with them. Antique red brick offers a product profile that is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to create a unique and sustainable space using antique building and paving materials.

Antique Gray Brick | Grey Antique Bricks

Antique gray brick exudes a distinct charm with its muted and sophisticated color palette. The subtle tones of gray offer a timeless and understated aesthetic that can complement a wide range of architectural styles. Whether it's a modern, industrial, or traditional design, gray antique brick brings a touch of elegance and versatility to various applications.

The color of gray antique brick allows for seamless integration into both interior and exterior projects. In interior design, gray antique brick in a thin brick or brick veneer form can be used to create accent walls, adding texture and depth to the space. The neutral gray hue pairs well with a variety of color schemes, allowing for easy coordination with furniture and decor choices.

In outdoor applications, the subtle gray color provides a harmonious backdrop for outdoor elements, allowing plants, landscaping, and other architectural features to take center stage.

Antique gray brick brings a charming vibe to a space. It works well for a variety of applications including fireplaces, accent walls and mudroom floors. It’s easy to find a wide range of products that coordinate with this color.

One of the best applications for antique gray brick is a repointing project. The right repointing technique will make the brick last. During the repointing process, a hammer and chisel are used to remove mortar from between the bricks. The goal is to clean the joints without removing too much of the hard fire-skin that protects the soft core of the brick.

For a smoother finish, a German smear is applied. This is a type of slurry mortar that is poured over the surface of the brick. Once the slurry is applied, it is smoothed by hand, if gloved, or with a trowel. This type of finishing is ideal for areas where a high traffic area may occur, such as a front porch or entryway to a home.  This technique adds a unique texture and finish to the brick, creating a distinct visual impact.

Whether used in masonry supplies for construction or as a standalone feature, antique gray brick offers a sophisticated and versatile option for those seeking a subdued yet elegant color palette in their architectural and design endeavors.

White Antique Brick

White antique brick has a certain charm that pairs well with many different applications. This color is perfect for achieving the farmhouse "shabby chic" look, but can also be used in more modern applications. The varying amounts of white mixed with natural tones gives the brick an added dimension that is not available with traditional full brick.  Whether used in traditional or contemporary designs, white antique brick brings a sense of lightness and airiness to various applications.

In interior design, white antique brick, available in thin brick or regular brick size, can be used to create accent walls, backsplashes, or fireplace surrounds. The neutral color palette of white brick provides a blank canvas for various design styles and allows for easy coordination with different decor elements. The choice of mortar color and joint technique can further enhance the overall effect of white antique brick installations, allowing for customization and personalization.

In outdoor settings, white antique brick can be used for pathways, patio pavers, or retaining walls. Its light color reflects sunlight, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. White brick also offers a clean and cohesive look when combined with natural stone or other hardscaping materials. Whether used for contemporary landscapes or in combination with vintage-inspired elements, white antique brick adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to outdoor spaces.

Overall, white antique brick provides a versatile and timeless option for those seeking a clean and classic color palette. Its charm lies in its ability to blend seamlessly with various architectural styles and design preferences, making it a popular choice for both interior and exterior applications.

Antique Brick Outdoors

Antique brick is a versatile and durable material that finds its perfect place in outdoor projects. The use of antique brick outdoors can transform spaces, adding charm, character, and a sense of history. Whether it's for creating a stunning patio, constructing a retaining wall, or making a driveway stand out, antique brick shines as a remarkable choice for outdoor applications.

Antique brick can also be utilized for various outdoor structures, such as brick block walls or brick stone outdoor features. The loading interface and structural integrity of antique brick make it suitable for creating sturdy and functional walls or barriers. Whether it's a garden wall, a decorative partition, or a boundary for outdoor spaces, antique brick offers both beauty and practicality. The timeless appeal and weathered patina of antique brick can blend seamlessly with the natural elements and provide a cohesive and harmonious look in outdoor settings.

Antique Brick Prices

Antique brick prices can vary depending on various factors, including availability, condition, and the rarity of the brick. Since antique bricks are reclaimed from old buildings and structures, their supply can be limited, which often contributes to higher prices compared to new bricks. Additionally, the quality and uniqueness of the antique brick, such as its color, texture, and patina, can also impact the cost.

The way a brick is made in the kiln can also affect its value. For example, a clay brick that is pressed in a machine will have less desirable colors and texture than one that was hand-pressed with natural additives such as grog, straw, bone or lime. Bricks that were fired in clamp kilns will have richer, more distinctive colors and are worth more than those that were fire-baked mechanically in commercial kilns.

When considering the cost of antique bricks, it's essential to evaluate your specific project needs and budget. If you're looking to incorporate antique bricks into an outdoor project, such as brick pavers for a patio or a walkway, start by calculating the square footage and estimate the number of bricks required. This will help you determine the overall cost based on the price per square foot or per brick.

Antique Brick Company

Gavin Historical Bricks specializes in sourcing and supplying antique bricks for various outdoor projects. We understand and value the unique charm and value that antique bricks bring to architectural designs and hardscaping. With our expertise and extensive inventory, we cater to a wide range of clients, including architects, builders, homeowners, and other professionals in the construction trade.

When it comes to outdoor projects, antique bricks offer an exceptional option for creating visually appealing and durable structures. Whether it's constructing a retaining wall, enhancing a patio or walkway with brick pavers, or incorporating antique bricks alongside natural stone in landscaping projects, an antique brick company like Gavin Historical Bricks can provide the necessary materials and guidance.

Architect specifiers and builders often rely on us to source high-quality bricks that meet their project specifications and aesthetic vision; nothing pleases us more than helping architects and builders to choose the perfect bricks to achieve their desired look.


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