Genuine antique materials reclaimed from historic buildings and streets.

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"We have used pavers from Historical Bricks on several projects. The antique brick pavers and cobblestones contribute to the sense the pavers has been in place forever. Clients love this aspect of our work."

Phil Liederbach, Liederbach and Graham Architects - Chicago, IL

"It was such serendipity that I found you all. I desperately wanted to use antique cobblestones on our driveway and you were so great to find the perfect stone that fit our budget. Thank you!"

Private Homeowner - Charlotte, NC

Historical Bricks is the Nation's largest supplier of antique specialty bricks, street pavers and cobblestones for commercial and residential usage. We specialize in Old World new construction and custom brick matching for restorations.

Saving the Past, Beautifying the Present, Protecting the Future

Every day in America, historic buildings and streets are demolished to make way for new development. But while the structure may have outlived its usefulness, the materials it was made with certainly haven't. In fact, we believe these antique specialty bricks, street pavers and cobblestones have charm, character and craftsmanship far superior to anything being made today. It is our business, and our pleasure, to reclaim these beautiful bits of American history, so that they may enjoy new life in today's most distinguished residential and commercial properties. As the nation's largest supplier of vintage bricks, we stand ready to help you create an Old World look in new construction, or custom match period-correct bricks for a restoration project.

Why Reclaimed?

Be Green: Reclaim & Reuse

Reusing historic bricks not only upgrades the style and value of your property, it's also good for the environment. To date, we've kept over 250,000,000 pounds of these eminently stylish and usable materials out of the nation's landfills. What's more, every brick reused means less energy and resources consumed in manufacturing a new one. We're proud to support the sustainable future of America's growth.