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You'd expect to find antique bricks being used to create a traditional look for both new builds and historic reconstructions. But they are also showing up in some surprising — and stunning — places, proving just how versatile they can be. Check out these client photos of residential and commercial walls, landscape structures, and even ceilings.

Antique Brewery Brewery Bricks - Sonoma, CA

The beauty of natural materials is thoughtfully deployed in this contemporary home's mix of brick and wood. Multiple photos bear witness to the brick's infinite possibilities, from exterior walls to the outdoor kitchen to the wine cellar. These oversized, sandcast red bricks were reclaimed from the historic Forest City Brewery in Cleveland, OH.

Antique Brewery Bricks - Dallas, TX

Overlapping gables on this Tudor-inspired new build are a perfect showcase for the variegated red colors of Antique Brewery Bricks. Inside the home, they work unexpectedly well as an Early American accent wall to a modern stainless steel kitchen. Originally made more than 100 years ago, their quality will last for many decades to come.

Antique Brewery Bricks - Omaha, NE

From 19th century brewery to 21st century pub was a natural progression for this client. The jumbo size, sandcast red bricks give the walls a wonderful texture that sets a warm, cozy mood for relaxed socializing. We reclaimed the bricks from the Forest City Brewery in Cleveland, OH, which after nearly 200 years is still going strong today.

Antique Brewery Bricks - St. Louis, MO

Here we see these large, century-old, sandcast bricks adding warmth to the outdoor living spaces around the pool and garden. We especially like their use as multi-layered copings and projecting window accents. In the background, you can see that they were also ingeniously applied on the exterior of the main house. 

Antique Buff Handmades - Los Angeles, CA

How does a car collector display his treasures? In the grand manner, of course, complete with genuine handcrafted vintage bricks and chandeliers. The brick-lined ceiling idea is repeated in the home's kitchen. Reclaimed Antique Buffs are available in neutral, sand-colored shades that offer great versatility to the designer.

Antique Buff Handmades - Nashville, TN

This new-build, Tudor-style home features a combination of Antique Buffs and stone that is unusual, yet looks perfectly natural. The warm beige shades of the bricks blend harmoniously with the colors of the stone blocks. One of our most versatile collections, Antique Buffs are reclaimed from demolished warehouses in the Midwest.

Antique Chicagos - San Francisco, CA

A century of architectural history finds a new home in this magnificent hilltop estate. Weathering gives them their character, yet the homeowner can rest assured that they will last for many more decades. Reclaimed from old Chicago warehouses that were being torn down, they range from buff to pink, many with the proud "union made" logo.

CA Clinkers - Berkeley, CA

Clinker is the brickmaking trade's term for reject — a brick that was damaged during firing. Yet some designers love clinkers' quirky, one-of-a-kind shapes and burn marks. The garden walls in these photos demonstrate how they can be laid and combined with stone to create a unique, artful personality.

Custom Clinker Blend - Seattle, WA

Darker red tones and burn marks characterize these irregular clinker bricks, reminiscent of Tudor buildings. We created this blend especially for the client, ensuring that no other building will be like it. Clinkers — rejected by the factory for cosmetic flaws — were popular during the 1920s Arts & Crafts movement, which hated soulless uniformity.

Old Tuscany Bricks - Birmingham, AL

This gracious home effortlessly merges Old and New Worlds, thanks to its use of reclaimed vintage bricks that look like they came from the Italian countryside . The Old Tuscany collection offers our maximum variation of colors, including oranges, pinks, reds and purples, some with white mortar stains for an interesting contrast.

Pasadena Clinkers - Philadelphia, PA

Distorted shapes and colors make this collection truly unique, and provide highly individualistic accents to the wood siding on this New England style home. Pasadena clinkers — rejected by the factory for their non-uniform appearance — range from almost-standard to totally freeform, as well as fused clumps for accent.

Pasadena Clinkers - San Diego, CA

Here we see clinkers built into the garden walls, a piquant contrast to the home's shaker siding. Clinker bricks are fully as durable as regular bricks, but can't be sold as regulars because of kiln-induced shape distortions and/or darkening. Early 20th century Arts & Crafts designers used them as a rebellion against machine-made standardization.

Tudor Clinkers - Alexandria, VA

You'll be reminded of historic English Tudor palaces and stately homes when you examine these irregularly shaped and colored bricks. Just as in the 16th century, their darker red tones, burn marks and uneven edges are caused by mishaps during kiln firing. Because no two are exactly alike, they're ideal for creating a unique look.

Tudor Clinkers - Alpine, NJ

Tudor style homes are popular in America's New England states, and these clinker bricks are a great way to give the build a historic look. Clinker bricks are those which were distorted or discolored during firing. In the Tudor collection, dark reds and burn marks predominate, similar to England's 16th century originals.

old black and white image of a car and trolly resting above a cobblestone paved street

Historical Street Pavers

Made to withstand centuries of heavy traffic, these vintage street pavers for sale are reclaimed from quaint old streets throughout the Midwest. Choose from America’s largest selection to create your one-of-a-kind driveway, patio or walkway. After more than 100 years, these reclaimed street pavers are still in superb condition, with durability and charm unmatched today. And they will not fade as modern concrete pavers do. We will be delighted to help you find the perfect size, color and texture antique recycled brick pavers for your project, and ship nationwide direct to your job site. While you’re looking for antique brick pavers for sale, you can find inspiration for your next project in our gallery of street paver bricks. Be sure to also check out our sidewalk pavers.


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