Antique Brick Pavers

Salvaged from historic buildings across the U.S.A., this collection of antique brick pavers can be used for exterior applications in warmer climates. All of these reclaimed bricks for sale are solid with no holes, easily adaptable for driveways, patios, garden paths and more.

The careful craftsmanship and material resources of a bygone era went into the making of these common brick pavers, resulting in a mellow, natural look as well as strength that will last for generations. We will be delighted to help you find the perfect size, color and texture for your project, and ship nationwide direct to your job site.

NOTE: Because brick common pavers retain some moisture, they may crack or break if subjected to multiple freezes/thaws per year. For cold climates, we recommend using our brick street pavers which are extremely hard fired and impervious to water, or granite cobblestones.

Old Madrid Pavers

These antique brick pavers were laid on edge in their original setting, a technique that’s ideal for executing Old World designs of greater formality or complexity. They’re available in a vibrant, light red to russet to burgundy color spectrum that, unlike color-stained concrete, will never fade.

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Old Chicago Pavers

While the original Old Chicago buildings couldn’t be preserved, we were fortunate to be able to save their stunning antique bricks from a trip to the landfill. Old Depot colors are softer and lighter than our other common pavers, ranging from buff to pink. Many feature a diamond stamp with the words “union made”.

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Old Tuscany Pavers

Offering maximum color variation and textural interest, Old Tuscany paver bricks create a dramatic effect in shades of orange, rose, red and purple with white mortar stains for even more contrast. No two are exactly alike, and no other home will look exactly like yours.

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