Genuine Granite Reclaimed Cobblestone Pavers

Our top of the line product! Genuine granite, sandstone and bluestone blocks reclaimed from 150+ year old streets. Antique cobblestone is the perfect statement choice for your Old World driveway or motor court. Browse our selection below and please call or email with any questions.

Antique European Blend Cobblestone

Antique European Blend Cobblestones

A special blend of granite cobblestone pavers selected for their amazing color range from mottled purple to grey. Enjoy the practically indestructible hardness of granite European pavers along with the variegated look of a quaint Colonial street.

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Antique Chicago Blend Cobblestone Driveway

Antique Chicago Blend Cobblestone

Genuine granite cobblestones reclaimed from the historic streets of Chicago. Chicago cobblestones feature a brilliant blend of colors from rose to purple, and black to salt and pepper. Very clean with great rounded wear. Let your driveway tell a story and add a piece of authenticity from the Windy City.

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Old English Cobblestone

Old English Cobblestones

Mellow tones of plum, brown and tan are reminiscent of a picturesque village in the Cotswolds… but this uniquely beautiful Medina sandstone was actually quarried here in America. It was a popular choice for buildings and towns in western New York and eastern Ohio dating back to the early 1800s.

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Reclaimed St Louis Cobblestone

Reclaimed St. Louis Cobblestone

A rare opportunity to own cobblestones reclaimed from historic St. Louis. Jumbo cobblestone in beautiful multi-colored tones and very worn rounded tops.

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Old Charlottesville Gold Cobblestone

Old Charlottesville Gold Cobblestone

Unique sandstone cobble in tan tones. Available in standard US-style rectangular pieces and European style squares. A beautiful Old World look for driveways, patios and more.

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Old Charlottesville Bluestone Cobblestone

Old Charlottesville Bluestone Cobblestone

Unique sandstone cobble in blue-grey tones. Available in standard US-style rectangular pieces and European style squares. A beautiful Old World look for driveways, patios and more.

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Antique Lake Street Cobblestone NY

Antique Lake Street Cobblestone

Genuine Antique Granite Cobblestone blocks in a unique Grey with Black flecks. Beautiful in both traditional and modern settings.

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Antique Salt and Pepper Cobblestone

Antique Salt and Pepper Cobblestone

Traditional white granite with black flecks with age and character.

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Antique Bluestone Cobblestone

Antique Bluestone Cobblestone

These rare and unusual blue/grey stones were reclaimed from Pennsylvania streets dating back to the days of the founding fathers. Generations of horse, wheel and foot traffic have worn the tops smooth and comfortable for today’s users. These beautiful driveway pavers will look stunning on any property.

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Old image of a street paved with antique cobblestones

Historical Cobblestones

Some came from Europe as ship’s ballast; others were quarried locally. Then these granite cobblestone pavers were incorporated into the streets of some of our most historic cities, 150 to 200 years ago. Now they’re ready to build your own Old World driveway.

Worn, rounded tops and classic color combinations convey the unmistakable authenticity of these genuine antiques. The reclaimed cobblestones for sale are typically 4.5″ W x 4.5″ D, with random lengths of 6″ to 12″ to produce the characteristic Old World cobblestone look. They are sold by the square foot and can be shipped nationwide.


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“We have used pavers from Historical Bricks on several projects. The antique brick pavers and cobblestones contribute to the sense the pavers has been in place forever. Clients love this aspect of our work.”

Phil Liederbach, Liederbach & Graham Architects
Chicago, IL
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“It was such serendipity that I found you all. I desperately wanted to use antique cobblestones on our driveway and you were so great to find the perfect stone that fit our budget. Thank you!”

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To save the past by reclaiming highest quality brick and stone from America’s historic towns and cities. To beautify the present by making these authentic antiques available to build or restore unique and distinctive residential and commercial properties. To protect the future by upholding the “green” principles of reclaim and reuse.

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Started Historical Bricks after spending 25 years as a senior member of Leonhardt Sullivan and Associates, a management engineering consulting firm with experience in the US, Canada, South America and Europe.

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Joined the family business after graduating from Butler University with a degree in Marketing and receiving a JD from the University of Iowa College of Law. Mike and his wife Annie have a son, Danny, and two daughters, Elsie and Betsy.

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