What is Green Building?

Green Building refers to sustainable and environmentally conscious building practices that include low impact materials and processes. The ultimate goal of green building is to reduce pollution, minimize energy use and incorporate the maximum amount of recycled green building materials possible. This is done through utilizing innovative materials, technologies and designs that include timeless building techniques and new technologies. Guidelines for using recycled building materials have been established through the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification Process.

Green building is an essential component of the related concepts of sustainable design, sustainable development and sustainability.

Why Build Green?

Green Building is the right choice to minimize the impact on the environment. In addition, green homes and buildings use much less energy than conventional building designs, saving you money over time.

Environmental benefits:

  • Reduce solid waste
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Enhance and protect ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Improve air and water quality

Health and community benefits:

  • Improve air, thermal and acoustic environments
  • Enhance occupant comfort and health
  • Contribute to overall quality of life

Gavin Historical Bricks

Gavin Historical Bricks is a green building supplier. All of our brick and stone is reclaimed, recycled building materials from roads, buildings and abandoned brick yards. We believe in the principals of green building and sustainability. In fact we have saved over 100,000,000 lbs. of material from going to landfills! Using reclaimed building materials from Gavin Historical Bricks is a great way to be Green and the look of our product is second to none. In addition, all of our building bricks are eligible for LEED points for recycled content and considered applicable in the principles of a green built home.

Featured in Green Builder Magazine

Gavin Historical Bricks was featured in the July 2007 issue of the magazine profiling the environmental benefits of using reclaimed, recycled, material.

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