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Paving the streets of America for hundreds of years, these bricks were really made to last — in all weathers and with minimal upkeep. We reclaim them from demolition sites so that their beauty and durability can continue to be enjoyed into the future. These exterior brick driveway paving applications show just how beautiful and versatile they can be.

Antique Barr Street Pavers - Pasadena, CA

Note the striking contrast between the dark brown brick pavers and the classic white exterior of this Pasadena estate. Made by the Barr Clay Company beginning in 1892, these antique bricks come from town streets in Wisconsin. They are full size for a substantial look and display a rich array of brown and earth tones.

Antique Des Moines Street Pavers - New York City

This patio project in New York City brings a warm, vintage feel to an urban environment. Reclaimed from the streets of America's heartland, their weathered look belies their rugged durability in all weathers. Des Moines Street Pavers are offered in a mix soft red, pink and warm beige tones that won't fade over time.

Antique Iowa Pavers - Iowa City, IA

The builders of this round barn chose to stay local with their materials. The brick pavers — more than 100 years old and salvaged from the streets of Anamosa, Iowa — make a natural complement to the Anamosa limestone walls. These full size pavers feature dramatic, dark red and purplish surfaces, many stamped with the manufacturer's name.

Antique Metropolitan Street Paver - Indianapolis, IN

In perfect harmony with this venerable, vine-covered estate is the traditional look of Metropolitan Street Pavers. These classic red bricks were made in Ohio and reclaimed from 19th century streets. Their smooth top surfaces are due to the natural wear of traffic and weather over the decades.

Antique Metropolitan Street Pavers - Long Island, NY

The owners of this Cape Cod-style home on Long Island wanted a rustic brick driveway to complete their vision. The perfect choice was the genuine vintage character and quality of pavers that have been in use for more than 100 years. The medley of true red shades delivers that quintessential brick look to a wide range of architectural styles.

Antique Metropolitan Street Pavers - New Jersey

Classic red Metropolitan Street Pavers are one of our most popular collections, as you can see by their frequent appearance in our gallery of completed projects. Made in Ohio and reclaimed from 19th century streets throughout the Midwest, their unique beauty, versatility and functionality can't be duplicated in modern replicas.

Antique Purington Flat Street Pavers - Kansas City, MO

A refined finish, less thickness and more squared off shape, Antique Purington Flat Street Pavers can be a better option for particular design aesthetics or installation restrictions. Here, they blend perfectly with the brick of this Tudor-style estate home. Purington flats combine varied dark red colors to create an authentic antique look.

Antique Purington Flat Street Pavers - Ogden, UT

Purington Street Pavers were made to withstand even the harsh winters of northern homes such as this Utah ranch; and they've been proving their worth for more than a century. With a thinner profile than Purington Standard pavers, they're perfect for easy installation yet no less rich in their range of red to purple hues.

Antique Purington Skinny Pavers - Mission Hills, KS

Showing how different materials can be elegantly combined, these narrow brick pavers are are accented with Antique European Blend Granite Cobblestone Pavers to achieve the old world look this client wanted. Purington Skinny Pavers were made in Illinois P more than 100 years ago, and feature a deep red to purple color family.

Antique Purington Skinny Pavers - Seattle, WA

An interesting grid pattern is formed by placing the bricks on edge in the walkway of this beautiful Seattle area home. This is how they were originally installed in 19th century Midwestern streets, so their unmatchable weathered patterns are on full display. Like the full size Purington Pavers, their colors range from deep red to purple.

Antique Purington Skinnys - Naples, FL

Although originally laid on edge in 19th century American streets, Purington Skinnies can also be laid flat. In the driveway of this charming Florida coastal home, many of them are laid with the name side facing up for a beautiful and historic look. Because this side was not exposed to traffic or weather, it has a less worn appearance.

Antique Purington Street Paver - Lake Geneva, IL

These classic full-size Purington Street Pavers were made in the renowned Illinois Purington Brickyards more than a century ago. They make a real statement at the entrance to this grand Lake Geneva estate home, with their rich red-to-purple hues matching the walls and gateposts. Setting them off are borders of Antique Granite Cobblestone Pavers.

Antique Purington Street Paver - Wilmette, IL

What a striking contrast between the white siding of this traditional home and the mellow red-to-purple colors of full-size Purington Street Pavers. These century-old reclaimed bricks endured traffic and weather for more than 100 years, and will continue to perform reliably for many decades to come.

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Antique Purington Street Pavers - Hinsdale, IL

Who says a driveway has to be plain boring? The installer expertly used our Purington Street Pavers to create distinctive patterns at this impressive Dutch Colonial home in the Chicago suburbs of Hinsdale, Illinois. The bricks were originally made not too far away in Galesburg, IL, and were renowned nationwide for their durability and beauty.

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Historical Street Pavers

Made to withstand centuries of heavy traffic, these vintage street pavers for sale are reclaimed from quaint old streets throughout the Midwest. Choose from America’s largest selection to create your one-of-a-kind driveway, patio or walkway. After more than 100 years, these reclaimed street pavers are still in superb condition, with durability and charm unmatched today. And they will not fade as modern concrete pavers do. We will be delighted to help you find the perfect size, color and texture antique recycled brick pavers for your project, and ship nationwide direct to your job site. While you’re looking for antique brick pavers for sale, you can find inspiration for your next project in our gallery of street paver bricks. Be sure to also check out our sidewalk pavers.


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