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Brick or cobblestone pavers might not be your first thought for a patio, but they are definitely a level up from the usual concrete, both in style and quality. These materials resist cracking and fading better than concrete, and they're easier to maintain. These clients chose reclaimed vintage materials for their patios to gorgeous effect.

Patio Design Ideas

Patio design and construction can add charm and value to your home; and, the construction does not  need to be an overwhelming  project. If you like to sit outside and enjoy the cool evenings, or entertain into the late hours, then adding a brick or cobblestone patio might be for you. Take these steps to design your dream patio:

Researching Patio Design Ideas

First, look at what patio design ideas are currently out there and what appeals to you. You can go on the Internet and see the many patio design ideas that you can use as you set out to find the patio designer and installer that will build your patio for you. From there, narrow down your options by considering what you want to include in your patio design. Do you want to have an incorporated fire pit? How about an outdoor kitchen? Maybe some built-in outdoor lighting for accent? These and many more options are available to you when you are researching various patio design ideas. Also, consider how you will be using the patio. Are you using it for entertaining neighborhood parties or are you more like a smaller gathering of close friends? Understanding how you will use the patio will give you and the designer an idea on size and layout, as well as recommended materials to accommodate the patio’s use. 

Selecting the Patio Designer

Once you've narrowed down your options, contact us to schedule a free consultation meeting. When you meet with us, the patio designer, at Historical Bricks discusses the patio design ideas you've obtained, recommends some ideas you may not have considered and answer any questions or concerns you may still have. During the consultation, our team will review your project details, evaluate your patio design ideas, and discuss your patio design with you so you can understand the pros and cons of the various patio ideas you're considering. The goal of the designer is to find patio ideas and designs that will best fit your needs and budget.

Once you and the patio designer have discussed your patio design ideas and concerns, the designer will begin working on your patio. During this time, he/she will make a detailed plan of the patio design and construction requirements, including seating. The designer may suggest a few different styles of seating for you to consider, depending on the amount of space you have available and your personal preference. The patio designer will often visit the future location of your patio to get a better sense of what your patio space could look like and how it may appear to other people. This will help him create a patio design that will be appealing and functional.

Working with the Patio Installer

After the patio design ideas have been developed, the patio contractor starts building your patio. There are several different types of construction techniques used when building patios, including poured slip, poured molded flashings, poured concrete and precast patio panels, and precast patio beams. The designer will work with your installer to determine which is best for you based on where you live and the weather you experience.

If you follow this process, you will have a patio that meets your unique needs, while complementing your house and the outdoor experience you want to enjoy. Adding a patio not only increases your home’s value, but provides another area within your property you can use to host parties, have family dinners or just relax after a day of work. Contact us at Gavin Historical Bricks today so we start working with you on the design of this great investment! 

Antique Purington Paver Patio - Madision, WI

Stunning patio featuring a pizza oven and gabion walls using our authentic Antique Reclaimed Purington Pavers. 

Antique Purington Flat Patio - Fargo, ND

Less thickness and more squared-off shape are exactly what the homeowner needed for their patio installation. Purington Flats offer the legendary quality of bricks made in Illinois' historic Purington Brickyards. The patio's freeform shape and varied dark red colors make a natural transition to the forested surroundings. 

Antique Purington Paver Patio - Minneapolis, MN

These full-size paver bricks withstood more than 100 years in America's streets before being reclaimed to delight future property owners. Unlike any bricks  made today, they provide a pleasing variegation of maroon to dark purple colors, as we can see in this pretty courtyard. The top sides are smoothed by street wear for comfortable walking.

Old Chicago Patio - Seattle, WA

The homeowner chose these softer, lighter shades of buff and pink to contrast with the emerald greens of the adjacent golf course. Reclaimed as Chicago's vintage warehouses get torn down, many of the brick pavers are stamped with the "union made" diamond logo as testament to their quality and authenticity.

Old English Cobble Patio - Cleveland, OH

They might look like they came from a village in England, but these cobblestones were actually quarried in the New York State/Ohio area. The Medina sandstone has been prized for its strength and integrity since the 1820s. This cobblestone porch is a classic companion to the home's wood exterior walls.

Old Tuscany Patio - Tampa, FL

What do the Italian countryside and a tropical oceanfront city have in common? While they make an intriguing contrast, they bring out the best in each other's architectural elements. This collection offers a wide array of shades, from pinks and reds to oranges and purples, highlighted with white mortar stains.

Antique Metropolitan Patio - Cleveland, OH

After a century in America's historic streets, these vintage pavers have aced the test of time and retain the durability to last for many more years. Their top side is worn smooth by traffic and weather, just what you want in patio installations like this one. Reclaimed Metropolitan Pavers are a medley of true reds for a classic look.

old black and white image of a car and trolly resting above a cobblestone paved street

Historical Street Pavers

Made to withstand centuries of heavy traffic, these vintage street pavers for sale are reclaimed from quaint old streets throughout the Midwest. Choose from America’s largest selection to create your one-of-a-kind driveway, patio or walkway. After more than 100 years, these reclaimed street pavers are still in superb condition, with durability and charm unmatched today. And they will not fade as modern concrete pavers do. We will be delighted to help you find the perfect size, color and texture antique recycled brick pavers for your project, and ship nationwide direct to your job site. While you’re looking for antique brick pavers for sale, you can find inspiration for your next project in our gallery of street paver bricks. Be sure to also check out our sidewalk pavers.


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