As a homeowner, you are always looking for ways to improve your home’s appearance. This is especially important in terms of curb appeal. And when you want to make your home not only stand out within your neighborhood, but turn it into truly one of a kind, then you need to get a cobblestone driveway.

A Brief History of Cobblestone 

Cobblestones date back all the way to the 3rd and 4th centuries. During this pre-Roman era, people used water-worn stones in order to create streets. This type of street became very popular throughout Europe and Latin America over the centuries and of course, after America was colonized, these types of streets were built here as well.

Cobblestone roads offered advantages because they were sturdier, not to mention cleaner when compared to roads comprised of only dirt. Additionally, cobblestones held up better in the weather without forming ruts and divots that could cause damage to carriage wheels.  

In Europe, these types are still prevalent, especially in old towns of historical cities, and often times tended to by hand. In many of America’s old cities, the cobblestone roads have been pulled up and replaced with new roads. But these cobblestones have been salvaged, so they can be repurposed.

It is important to note that another ‘type’ of cobblestones, referred to as Belgium Block, has become immensely popular over the years. Don’t let the name fool you; these rocks are not made in Belgium, but originated as quarried rocks cut into a similar size as their historical counterparts and laid out in a typical cobblestone pattern. These types of streets were created all throughout America, and have become synonymous with the older cobblestone roads of the past.

Adding History to Your Home

Especially if you live in a new construction home, but you crave authenticity and character, then you should consider a cobblestone driveway. Not only will it be able to add beauty to the exterior of your home, but you can feel pride knowing that you have pieces of history in front of your home.

If you love history, there is no greater feeling than knowing that you’ve captured a piece of it for your own home. These stones have anywhere between 150 to 200 years of history attached to them.

Additionally, you won’t be able to find cobblestones with the detail, coloring, and texture that you can find with authentic cobblestones harvested from some of the oldest areas. For example, the Antique Bluestone Cobble has been taken from some of the oldest streets in Pennsylvania, from the time of our founding fathers.

As a result, antique bluestone will make a great and interesting story to tell people. They may be walking and driving on the same stones that were once walked on by Benjamin Franklin or even George Washington. The look of your driveway is impossible to replicate through any kind of modern stone, and so your home will look both unique and beautiful. In addition, you’ll get great durability and wear from these stunning cobblestones.


Going Green

Lastly, you will not only be adding considerable intrinsic value to your home, but you will also be making an environmentally conscious choice. By reusing old materials, you are helping to reduce the footprint you are making on the environment through engaging in recycling. This means that you will not only feel good about making your driveway look good, but knowing that you are doing it in an eco-friendly way. 

Finally, you have many option of cobblestones to choose from. No matter which one you pick, you’ll be adding beauty, elegance, and history to your home. By having a cobblestone driveway, your property will stand out among its peers. To find the perfect type of cobblestones to not only look good with your home but also add character, please contact us.

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