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Thin brick veneer

Don’t you love it when you walk into someone’s home or business and see the exposed brick wall? You can feel the history of the place and enjoy seeing how the owner incorporates new with old to create a distinctive look.

But then you feel a twinge of sadness that your newer construction home or office doesn’t contain that historical feature.

Take heart. You can re-create the look of exposed brick in your home or office with thin brick veneer walls created from reclaimed bricks.

How Veneer Works

Brick veneer is created by slicing reclaimed bricks to 1/2 inch thick, leaving the authentic face of the brick but creating a material that is easy to use in new construction.

Brick veneer is more like the weight of a ceramic tile, so you can apply it to an existing wall or incorporate it into new construction without the concern of the weight created by a full brick wall.

The advantage of thin brick veneer walls created from reclaimed bricks is that you get the character that comes with aged bricks, rather than the uniform feel of new brick veneer.

Options for Using Brick Veneer

Of course, the options in your home or business for using brick veneer are limited only by your imagination and the design look you wish to create in your space, but here are a few old brick wall ideas you might consider:

• Office Wall: Whether you’re talking about your home office or a professional office, nothing can give you character like an exposed brick wall. The brick indicates a solid standing, an acceptance of tradition, even a hint of professionalism that visitors can sense immediately upon entering your space. The brick wall attracts attention that can highlight you professional certificates or favorite mementos.

• Entryway: A brick accent wall offers a warm welcome to your home or business when set right in the entryway. You immediately create a feeling of stability, warmth and comfort when visitors walk through the door.

• Living Room or Dining Room Wall: If you have an affinity for antique furniture that looks slightly out of place in your modern home, you can quickly change that feel with a reclaimed brick wall. The darker brick colors adds warmth to the space as well.

• Mask a Modern Fireplace: If you don’t want to go through the expense of replacing an entire fireplace, a brick veneer covering hides the modern look and restores a warm, comfy feel to your family room.

• Kitchen Backsplash: You don’t have to be constructing a French country kitchen to enjoy the warm look of a brick backsplash. Brick veneer changes the entire look of your kitchen without the expense of replacing cabinets. And it’s easy to keep clean!

• Bedroom Wall: A brick veneer wall brings a feeling of warmth and tranquility into your master bedroom and creates a focal point around which you can base your entire decor.

Thinking Outside the Walls

Brick veneer also offers tons of options beyond walls. You also can think about using brick veneer to spice up bland outside features at your home or office. Maybe you want to cover ugly planters. Bland columns spring to life with a brick-like base. Concrete retaining walls become statement pieces with a brick face. Wrought-iron fences achieve new character with brick accents.

Of course, many of these features can be accomplished with full bricks, but brick veneer from reclaimed bricks gives you the character at a fraction of the price.

You even can add brick veneer to existing walkways or driveways to add more character to your home or business.

The potential for enhancing your home or business is endless with thin brick veneer created from reclaimed bricks. Contact us for more old brick wall ideas or details on how to craft the perfect accent wall or walls for your home or business.

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