DIY Cobblestone Patio

Reclaimed cobblestones make fantastic paving for a DIY Cobblestone Patio. They are practically indestructible, they won’t get stained, and they lend Old World Charm wherever they are. This is why they are great for patios.

They are not hard to make into patios for your backyard, either. You will need 2×4’s, reclaimed cobblestones, sand, fine gravel, epoxy mortar mix, and landscape fabric. You might need a compactor and a cement mixer, but you will definitely need level and tape measure. Nails, stakes and a squeegee (or hand trowel) will come in handy, too. Once you have these things assembled, you can follow these simple steps and learn how to build a cobblestone patio.

Making Space

First, you will have to plan how big your patio will be and where you will put it. Once you have plotted out where it will go and what its dimensions will be, you will have to clear out your designated space. Remove weeds and level the ground, leaving an extra foot all around the desired space. Measure the space you plan on making in to the patio. You can use this to estimate how much of your materials you need. Also, make sure there is a bit of a slope to the patio area so it can drain properly.

Perimeter And Create Form

Cut your 2×4’s to fit the perimeter of your proposed patio. Nail them so that they are at 90 degree angles from each other and create a box around the patio. Stake the 2×4 form into place.

Fill In The Base

Lay landscape fabric inside your box form, and then cover the fabric with 2 inches of crushed gravel. Use a power compactor to stomp it down and wet it, and then compact it again. Top the gravel with 2 inches of sand, and then pack that down. Mist it with water to get it as compact as possible.

Lay Out Your Cobblestones

You can go wild with the pattern of cobblestone. Reclaimed cobblestones have the benefit of having lots of character already, so your designing is practically done.

Start in one corner of the sand and press the cobblestones in to your desired pattern as firmly as you can. Set them in rows. Check every line or so to make sure the cobblestones are fitting together tightly and that you are creating a level ground.

Lay Out The Mortar

Mix up small batches of a commercial epoxy mortar and pour it out. Spread it evenly across the cobblestones. You can use a squeegee or a hand trowel to push the mortar across the cobblestones. Keep mixing up batches as you go. Mortar hardens fast and you can only make as much as you can use in 15 minutes.

Keeping pouring and spreading until the mortar has filled every joint between the cobblestones. Make sure that the grout fills all the cracks up evenly. Then run something with a straight edge over the top of the cobblestones to remove the excesses and make sure the surface is flat. The squeegee will work fine for this.

Let Dry

It will take some time for the mortar to cure. The length of time can be listed on the container for the mortar mix that you bought. Most folks recommend letting your patio rest for a full 24 hours before walking on it.

Once it is cured, you can decorate with planters and furniture. You can add a flower border, or generally leave it to blend gracefully into your lawn. The patio will be ready for anything your lifestyle and the weather can throw at it.

If you think that a DIY cobblestone patio would be a nice addition to your yard, contact us. We have 4 types of reclaimed cobblestone patio pavers from the streets of the Midwest that are sure to make your patio the talk of the neighborhood.

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