Street Pavers

Brick street pavers carry a lot of class and history. They bring a great rustic, industrial and classic look depending on the vibe you are going for. If you are thinking of adding a touch of those qualities to your home, you might want to take brick street pavers in your home. But where might they look best? Consider the brick paver ideas below to discover where to use street paver bricks.


If you really like a colonial look, a driveway made of brick street pavers is the way to go. You can add it as a border along the cement to give some shape to your front yard. On a practical level, the space beside the driveway gets a lot of traffic, and sometimes grass is a bad choice for the area. Putting brick pavers along the sides looks much better and can last longer than grass.

You can also clear out the old driveway and replace the whole thing with brick pavers. This will look even more historic. The warm colors and varied textures will evoke simpler times, and the patterns will let you complement the patterns on the facade of the house. As additional practical benefits, a driveway made of brick pavers is easy to repair because if one brick cracks, you can simply fit in the missing brick instead of redoing all of the concrete. Of course, brick pavers are built to withstand the pressure involved with vehicles, so it will last you decades without much work from you.

Garden Path

If you are aiming for an English Country Garden look, brick pavers are an excellent addition to your backyard. They can be made used a path to the front door or as a whimsical maze, and either use will immediately evoke ‘The Secret Garden’ and ‘Tiki Tiki Tavi.’ The warm colors will contrast nicely with your greenery, especially if you have planted ivy and shrubs.

Within that genre, paths of brick pavers are versatile. Garden paths can be used as conversation pieces or as background, depending on how you use it. You can border all your flower beds or take up your lawn for a meandering path. Either way, the pavers will add a nice touch.

These effects are remarkably easy to make with these regularly-shaped pavers: clear out the space you want to turn into a path and dig a trench in the shape you want, then lay the pavers together as tightly as possible.


A patio is made the way a path is, except you pack your pavers in a shape by your backdoor. This is a great material for it because it can take the punishment of furniture and barbeques. It can complete a colonial look if the facade of your house is covered in brick or wood, and the patterns will provide a rustic touch to your backyard.


Brick pavers’ strength, look, and texture makes it a great hallway floor covering. It sets an industrial or rustic mood to your home, depending on what you do with the walls and ceiling. It is a material that is easy to clean up and hides dirt well, so it is good as an entrance. Anything on people’s shoes gets knocked off in a classy fashion, so it both protects the rest of your home and looks beautiful. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on it when you invite guests over, either, to look welcoming.

These are just a few brick paver ideas to help you discover where to use street paver bricks to enhance the look of your home. If you want to do any of these projects, contact us. We have a great array of street pavers for you to use.

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