Brick Street Pavers

Brick street pavers are making a comeback with many home buyers. The market for these vintage or “old-world” bricks has largely grown because of advanced manufacturing technology. As a result, consumers can choose from several options in sizes, colors and textures. If you’re thinking about choosing street paver bricks, here are some basic guidelines for selecting the vintage brick pavers that are best for you.

Reasons for Their Popularity

There are many advantages of street bricks and several factors play a role in why more and more people are considering reclaimed brick street pavers.

  • A primary reason is the historical value that vintage brick pavers hold.
  • The aesthetic look of natural clay is another prime factor as this type of brick is the result from the aging process of bricks over time.
  • The fact that they obtain their natural color from the mixture of different clay types helps them do a better job of retaining color than concrete does. This is especially the case when they’re exposed to harsh UV rays.
  • Vintage street pavers have benefited from the increase of builders using eco-friendly building materials.
  • These brick street pavers render an old-world feeling even in new installations.

Color Considerations

Color is basically a personal choice, although it’s important to consider the environment. For example, look at your landscape, house exterior and other factors to be sure that a color blends well with its surroundings.

Keep in mind that the lighter the color scheme, the more likely that tire marks and stains will stand out. However, lighter shaded pavements can offer a good contrast to dark settings. Conversely, darker shades for a pavement can provide a striking contrast to light surroundings.

Common Brick Paver Patterns

Buyers can select from several pattern options:

  • The herringbone pattern is the most common one. It’s considered the strongest pattern because it provides the most interlock. This makes it deal for road surfacing, as well as for driveways. To create the herringbone pattern, the blocks are set at 45 or 90 degree angles to the perpendicular.
  • The basketweave pattern is also trendy, but it’s more suited for paved areas that don’t receive heavy foot traffic as it has a weaker bond.
  • The stretcher bone pattern is another common design.

Advantages of Rectangular Pavers

Rectangular street pavers are the easiest blocks to produce, package and ship. Another benefit of rectangular blocks is their ability to be laid in a several patterns.

Most rectangular blocks have a 2:1 length to width ratio, although there are some varieties with a 3:1 ratio, which makes them more intriguing. Consider that a ratio of 3:2 helps to detract from a brick-like appearance.

Besides rectangular shapes, there are also a few commercial pavers that have an “S” or “W-shape. Shaped blocks aren’t hard to find in certain regions of Europe, but they’re rare in other areas. On the other hand, rectangular pavers continue to be common in Britain and Ireland.

Brick Street Pavers

Other Considerations and Warnings

  • One of main benefits of clay pavers is their exceptional durability and ability to withstand traffic for several generations. Another bonus is their stunning natural color that doesn’t fade.
  • We offer a wide choice in colors for street pavers, such as dark red shades, orange, salmon, gray, brown, purple and cream tones.
  • Gray or neutral-colored pavers can be a good compromise if you have a hard time deciding between light or dark colors.
  • When determining the amount of bricks you need, consider that five bricks per square foot are required for a paving project.
  • If you live in a cold climate, be sure any pavers you choose can endure challenging freeze and thaw cycles. Some of the pavers for colder areas are granite cobblestones and true antique pavers because they’ve been able to survive in harsh climates for a century or longer.

To learn more our vintage brick pavers, call the professionals at Galvin Historical Bricks. We have bricks for walkways, driveways, pool surrounds, patios and antique granite cobblestones. If you’re thinking about choosing street paver bricks, please contact us and check out our wide selection of products.

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