Using Reclaimed Materials

There is something very unique about reclaimed materials. No matter their use, these types of materials can give your home a distinctive look and feel that you simply can’t get manufactured anywhere else. If you’re considering using reclaimed materials for your new home, here are four new home building ideas we think you’ll love.

  1. Create A Beautiful Front Of Your Home

Using Reclaimed MaterialsIf you are building a new home, and you are looking for a creative way to make the front of your home stand out, you need to consider a stone veneer. A stone home is undeniably beautiful and elegant, but that doesn’t mean your entire home has to be made of stone.

Putting Old English Stone Veneer around your front door, for example, is a great way to enhance the beauty of your home without overdoing it. These stones have been quarried in America, and date back to the early 1800’s. They will not only add a beauty to your home, but also a unique history that you simply don’t get with new stones.

  1. Make A Memorable Floor

Using Reclaimed MaterialsIf you are looking for a beautiful way to incorporate more antique materials into your home, then a brick tile floor is your ideal option. Whether you use it in your kitchen, dining room, mud room, laundry room, or even bathroom, it is going to add a unique and distinguished look to the space. Brick tiles allow you to create any pattern you like, such as herringbone, significantly enhancing the look of your home’s floor.

The Old Chicago Brick Tile Flooring is an especially interesting option because these bricks were salvaged from whole bricks used to build in Old Chicago. When these buildings were set to be demolished, their bricks were saved in order to serve a new purpose. Now, they can continue to add their beauty to homes, while also increasing the durability of your floor. They offer you a very modern and clean line material, but without sacrificing its warmth thanks to the coloration of the bricks.

  1. Create A Unique Fireplace

Using Reclaimed MaterialsIf you are looking for another great way to add reclaimed materials to your home, then firebricks are a great choice. In fact, they are perfect for your fireplace. These bricks are able to withstand the heat of a fire without sustaining any type of damage. In their previous life, they lined the kilns of the old brickyard. As a result, they will not only function perfectly for your fireplace, but they will also bring with them a beauty you cannot commonly get today.

  1. Make A Stunning Walkway or Driveway

Using Reclaimed MaterialsOf course, after you’ve built your home, it’s time to think about your driveway and walkways. You may underestimate them, but these areas add significant charm and beauty to your home. So when you are building a new home but trying to capture an authentic look and feel, giving your abode a sense of history and charm, then cobblestones are ideal.

Another advantage of this type of material is that in addition to their distinguished and unique look, you can also choose from a wide variety of colors. As a result, you can choose a set of stones that are perfect for your style and taste. Originally from different areas of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York, you’ll be sure to find something that will coordinate perfectly with the exterior of your home.

Building a new house is a great way to get the home that you’ve always wanted. But for many people, new homes can be too cookie cutter in nature. By incorporating old, reclaimed, and antique materials into your home’s design, you can give your home a very unique and distinguished look. To give your new home some great history, please contact us today.

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