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Interior brick walls look expensive and fancy. Whether they’re in a studio apartment, in a home’s kitchen, or running throughout a residence, they draw potential tenants’ eyes and are a great talking piece when you’re holding an open house. Reclaimed Brick veneer walls hold all of the charm but are easier to manage on a budget, can be installed either by yourself or a contractor, and add all the appeal of brick without any of the restrictions. Here are several reasons to add brick veneer interior walls to your rental properties when the current tenant leaves:

• Thin brick veneer interior walls can add depth and warmth to a room without expensive renovation. The marbled tones and color range of brick, ranging from a neutral selection of reds and browns to a brighter array of red, orange, and purple, also means your tenants can move in without worrying about their furniture matching the colors. Brick also makes a home look warmer and cozier without darkening the room; using veneer lets you capture the same look without bulking up your walls and losing some of the size of the rooms you install the panels in.

• Brick is a timeless material for accent walls. Brick is always a popular look. Whether you have a historic property built approximately the same time as our bricks or you have a recently constructed property, brick veneer fits in well with both the color palette and style of the home. Gavin Historical Bricks’s selection of bricks come from Chicago’s vintage buildings and 19th-century buildings across the Midwest. These brick veneers carry all the history and timelessness of brick. Choose an accent wall in your living room or the kitchen backsplash for adding a hint of brick as an accent wall to draw attention and protect interior walls without overwhelming the decor.

• Brick adds insulation to interior walls. When you’re renovating a home for future tenants, you’re not just looking for changes that improve the property’s appearance: you’re looking for changes that improve the property’s value and the property itself. Brick veneer adds another layer of insulation to interior walls that can keep out drafts and regulate heat within the area. This is the perfect solution for northern properties, especially if you can’t add insulation to the walls’ interior, or if you’re improving the insulation room by room. While you might charge tenants a flat fee for utilities or have them responsible for the varying charges, adding in insulation to lower that bill not only encourages tenants to stay long-term but it also helps the HVAC system stay running longer.

• Brick veneer is durable and requires little maintenance between tenants. Another important factor on the checklist of renovations is the durability of the new fixtures and features. This is why property owners might install wood-patterned tiles instead of actual hardwood and why painting interior walls in light colors that just need a coat to refresh them is better than choosing dark, textured paint. Any time spent without tenants is time when you’re losing money, so you want walls that are easy to maintain and aren’t likely to cause you or your tenants problems. Brick veneer interior walls require little maintenance and just need a good dusting and wipe down between tenants. And even though they’re thinner than regular brick, they don’t crumble or crack.

• Brick veneer is lightweight and a good choice for DIY renovations. While you might not complete every renovation yourself, knowing that you could and that you can manage any repairs on your own is reassuring. Brick veneer is lightweight and as easy to install as tile. If you want to give an accent wall a try on your own, or you ever need to expand a wall or replace the bricks, it’s certainly a project you can complete in the short window of downtime between tenants.

All of these factors combine to give you unique, memorable properties that potential tenants will think highly of. If one of your tenants will be moving soon or you’re in the middle of renovating a property, go to Gavin’s Historical Bricks to find the right brick veneer.

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